Chord Electronics TToby

Price: $4,395

  • The TToby is warmer, denser, and sweeter sounding.
  • TToby performs much better on the technicals.
  • The Menuetto has higher energy and a more elevated tone across the spectrum.
  • Timbre is more naturalistic on the TToby.
  • The TToby is more dynamic and impactful. The Menuetto is cleaner and more well-mannered in comparison.
  • TToby has more lifelike resolution and body while the Menuetto has better transparency.

Vista Audio Spark

Price: $349

  • Both are very quiet amplifiers.
  • The Spark has a slightly more elevated tone.
  • Spark has a smaller and more intimate soundstage. In ways, the Spark is denser. Not a bad thing.
  • Menuetto does a much better job of separating out the musical layers.
  • The Menuetto is quicker, more nuanced, better delineated, and cleaner.
  • That said, the Spark is a great value.

NuForce STA200

Price: $499

  • The Menuetto has more control and grip, especially on the top-end.
  • The Menuetto is silkier and smoother with a more effortless articulation.
  • Both have good energy but I think the Menuetto is more grounded and provides more solidity to the sound.
  • Midrange presentation is much fuller and more accurate on the Menuetto. Voices sound more lifelike.
  • Both are super quiet and have fantastic sonic texturing and transparency.

Final Thoughts

The Dayens Menuetto is one of the most musical integrated amps I’ve heard, regardless of price. It’s a disservice to say it’s a great value and it got me really curious about their other offerings. I had many amplifiers on-hand for review, but it was difficult to unplug the Menuetto. It has an uncanny ability to release endorphins in your brain while listening to your favorite tracks.

You’ll have to try pretty damn hard not to like the Dayens Menuetto. It’s a sound that gets you involved with the music. While I was evaluating, rather than thinking “performance,” I’m thinking “experience.” It not only drives speakers, it drives emotion. The Dayens Menuetto is intoxicating, versatile, and one of magnificence.

Purchase (Verity Audio): Dayens Audio Menuetto Integrated – $1,045

Verity Audio:

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