We are celebrating 10 years of Pure Listening

Voxativ was born 10 years ago in 2008 with the audacious idea to reimagine the single-driver loudspeaker. From our humble beginnings, we have become10 years the wiser – with still so much to share. As part of this anniversary celebration, we are rebirthing the original star that put us on the world stage…

Ampeggio is reborn: Introducing Ampeggio X.

In Munich this week, visitors from around the world will have the first chance to hear an evolution of the original Ampeggio. At its heart, this new Ampeggio X has been refined with all of the knowledge we’ve gained over the years. The most significant change is that the cabinet can now accommodate our flagship line of field coil drivers. To accomplish this, the fully AST (Acoustic Stealth Technology) tuned cabinet has been retooled to accommodate the size and scope of these full-range reference level drivers. At the show, we have chosen the AC-XP field coil driver to demonstrate the potential of this new configuration. MSRP for the pair is $45,000USD (inclusive of the Voxativ N1 linear power supply).

The Voxativ Tube power supply is ready and a new Rack is making its appearance

To power the field coil system of the new Ampeggio X – one can now choose a vintage Tungar-style tube PSU consisting of 10 rectifier tunes with stabilized voltages from 11 to 19 in 0.5 volt steps. Lead by our chief electronics engineer, Stefan Noll, this product is pure Voxativ from fit to finish. The MSRP for the pair of supplies is $9,900USD. Additionally, show attendees will notice the debut of a  unique system rack designed by our team to help make the most of our system. More details will become available shortly. Stay curious.

Introducing the Voxativ T805 SET Integrated Amp

The only integrated amp we have yet to hear best our own T211 is this new 30-watt creation. After much discovery and some disbelief – we have found that even more power can bring more emotion from our highly-sensitive full-range drivers (but without any noise). Although the outer design is similar to the T211, the inside holds a number of new innovations that push what can be done with an 805 design. This is the new breakthrough from our master amp designer Stefan and immediately available for an MSRP of $27,900USD.

If you’re in Munich this week, please join us with our team from around the world. We will be in Atrium 3, E222.

For more information check out Voxativ’s new website.