Mojo Audio Illuminati V3

Price: $1,249.95 (Single rail), $1,999.95 (Dual rails with three selectable voltage outputs.)

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The ultimate audiophile power supply:

Our new Illuminati v3 incorporates the same unique multi-stage ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic filtering, self-resetting protection circuitry, and low-resonance polymerized aluminum composite chassis as our Illuminati v2, but in a larger chassis with more output options.

The larger chassis has additional thermal dissipation that allows for a higher current single voltage output or two 100% independent Illuminati v2 power supplies in one chassis.

Three different output configurations: Single voltage output, High-current single voltage output, Dual voltage output 100% isolated secondary supply.

An LC choke-input power supply is the ONLY type of power supply to put current in perfect phase with voltage and to store current as well as voltage.

Capacitive power supplies put current 90 degrees out of phase behind voltage and only store voltage. That means that the energy of the intensity of the music is always in a state of becoming as opposed to instantaneous.

What I’ve stated is simply a fact of physics…this was all known roughly 100 years ago when the LC choke-input power supply was invented. It is the largest, heaviest, most expensive, and least efficient type of power supply. And any other type of power supply is simply a compromise in one form or another to save size, weight, or cost.

Combining modern ultralow-noise regulators with old-school heavy iron:

Choke input power supplies were engineered roughly 90-years ago by Western Electric. By adding a choke between the rectifier and first capacitor of a power supply the crest factor, heat, and parts wear are reduced by literally 50%. The choke also acts as a reservoir for power and pre-regulates the DC doubling the efficiency and effectiveness of each consecutive stage of filtering. Our Illuminati concept combines the best of old-school heavy iron choke input regulation with modern ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic regulators resulting in a power supply with lower noise and faster dynamic response that runs significantly cooler and lasts significantly longer.

We’ve also incorporated a new discrete multi-stage cascaded AC input filter to optimize performance over a wider range of AC mains power.

Build & Specification

The Mojo Audio Illuminati v3 is one of the larger and heavier power supplies. It looks more industrial but feels substantial and robust.

  • Less noise than a LiO4 battery or Super Caps.
  • Internally a 10A power supply in all areas except the choke and the thermal dissipation of the chassis.
  • Can do 10A peaks and 5A for extended periods of time. 3A continuous.
  • The high-current version can do 7A for extended periods of time and 5A continuous.
  • Ultrafast-recovery with less than 10uS settling time from zero to full output.
  • Ultralow-noise with less than 50uV of peak-to-peak noise/ripple up into the GHz range.
  • Hot parts are heat sunk to the exterior allowing heat to dissipate through the entire chassis.
  • Choke input and sophisticated AC filtering – no AC power conditioners are required.
  • Cascaded spread spectrum capacitive filtering for expanded bandwidth.
  • Solid brass ground post and DC ground lift for optimized grounding.
  • 115V/230V switchable laboratory grade filtered 15A IEC power inlet.
  • Optional secondary selectable 3-voltage output.
  • 9″ W x 3.5″ H x 12″ D and 13 pounds weight.

Specific parts:

  • SPRU ultralow-noise ultrahigh-dynamic Belleson regulator.
  • Organic polymer capacitors with ESR as low as 7mOhms.
  • Mundorf AG+ M-Lytic 4-pole primary filter capacitor.
  • High-frequency MLCC bypass capacitors to filter beyond 3GHz.
  • Neutrik silver-plated high-current XLR DC power outlets.
  • Low-resonance polymerized aluminum composite chassis.
  • All non-magnetic stainless steel PEMs, screws, and hardware.
  • Sorbothane or Stillpoints Ultra Mini anti-resonant feet.


The Illuminati v3 sounds better when plugged directly into the wall (no regenerators, AC filters, etc) and after at least 300 hours of burn-in. You may hear subtle differences at over 1,000 hours. This specific Illuminati V3 has two outputs: one selectable 12V-9V-5V and the other 12V-7V-5V. Flexible enough to power anything.

My first impression of the Mojo Audio Illuminati v3 is “the sound of tubes.” There’s this glow and “smokiness” that overlays every recording. If you enjoy a more textured, fuzzy-glued, and dreamy sound, the Illuminati v3 may be the perfect fit. The music glides more softly and velvety rather than being ultra-refined or grippy. When you sit back and listen, it does present a naturalistic (and believable) atmosphere.

Overall a very flexible power supply. Each rail could be adjusted for 5V, 7V, 9V, and 12V (You could specify which three). Listening to the Illuminati is more of a daydream experience. The music isn’t grounded and solid but more expansive and liquid. It creates this “analog fabric” that makes for an enjoyable and effortless listen. You won’t get the most minute of details or the most vivid and precise imaging, but something more relaxed, warmish neutral, and modestly textured. It’s never null and does just enough in each department to be enjoyable.

The Sound

The Mojo Audio Illuminati v3 presents a lifelike sound that is only found in higher-performance power supplies. It’s an analog-ish with hints of texture, meatiness, and smoothness. I think what it does best is in rhythmic power. It doesn’t just sit around and sing to you but pulls you onto the dance floor.

In Cannonball Adderley Quintet’s Limehouse Blues, the saxophone has this nice echo that moves through the air. The top-end extension could be lengthier, but there’s a wonderful sense of spatial detailing within the bloom. The music flows together, but it’s not in an airtight, congealed manner. It’s more…charismatic. But the way it presents leading edges, texture, and cohesion is sufficiently realistic. I also enjoy how groovy and fun the piano is with the Illuminati v3. Although there is a “glow” to the sound, it remains sufficiently articulate and grippy.

Bass & Bloom

Textures are smoother but adequately lifelike. The Illuminati v3 is not overly tactile or tangible, but it does have fullness in spatial information that gives the music weight and presence. Micro and macro dynamics are also aptly present and not overhyped.

In regards to the midrange, voices sound particularly dreamy. Singers are shaped with a more airy, hazy solidity rather than completely present and full-bodied. Regardless, there’s a decent amount of form and structure. Definitely more than the UpTone Audio JS-2. But it’s not 100% material or opaque due to its more tube-like ethereal presentation. There’s a more rustic halo around the performers

Let’s talk about bass. Long story short, the Illuminati v3’s will smash through all of your recordings. In fact, it has the punchiest bass out of the entire lineup. With the other power supplies, I had to turn on the subwoofer to match. But what it makes up in heft, it does lack a bit of finesse in tightness and gradations. Especially in the sub-bass. But since there’s so much authority, it’s hard to notice unless you’re looking for it.


The tone isn’t quite neutral…but isn’t warm either. But it’s still mostly believable and sits along the middle of the road between organic and colorless. In isolation, the tonality could be considered natural sounding. Just don’t expect a rich golden hue.

As far as imaging, transients, and focus the Illuminati v3 won’t be the snappiest or most precise. The start and end of a note aren’t always clear – but they are placed with proper depth on the soundstage. The Illuminati v3 instead vouches for a spellbinding and harmonically analog listening experience- while maintaining important descriptive layers.

As mentioned, you won’t get the most low-level details or a huge amount of treble clarity – but music is still presented with excellent character and reflexiveness. It strikes a perfect balance between something overly smooth and silky and overly gritty and rough.

Who Should Buy the Mojo Audio Illuminati v3?

The obvious reason would be for more bass. If you feel like your stereo is lacking punch – the Mojo Audio Illuminati v3 will peel your face off. This thing is a monster and will deliver the power of Thor’s hammer. You’ll be able to hear how a performer commands a percussive instrument. It has startling power and is brimming with attack.

Secondly, you would have to enjoy more of an effortless “bloom” to your sound (as opposed to dense solidity). Because the Illuminati v3 is more “spatially romantic,” I feel like it’s more multi-genre embracing. It’s more forgiving because it imposes a greater sense of dynamic energy, contrast, and detail. In a manner that is not condensed but more expansive. This is why I think it was a good pairing with the RME ADI-2 DAC – which gave it a more “virtual” body and much-needed sparkle up top. Essentially, the Mojo Audio Illuminati v3 does a great job of giving you the impression of something real.

Benjamin Zwickel had a few words…

The result is the bass you are hearing: that is simply the bass on the recordings in proper time and tune with effortless energy. Though a bit harder to hear, the exact same thing is happening to all intense musical passages.

What you are calling “soft” with our power supply is actually harmonic coherency where the fundamental notes are properly aligning with the harmonics. Live music is actually not as intense or as sharply focused as audiophiles would like.

What you are thinking is more focus or solidity is actually a distortion of the time, tune, and energy of the music.



  • BASS. This power supply is the king of bass.

  • Dynamic and tangible (enough)

  • Dual rail with 3 adjustable voltages

  • High-end level of articulation and grip

  • Sufficiently full and expansive sound

  • Good depth and layering

    Contrast in density

    Texture and detail

    Rustic and melodic

    Percussions sound very good

  • Not a golden tone.

  • Imaging is a little fuzzier but still coheisve.

  • Not a lot of top-end extension.

  • More dreamy and "glow" than it is solid.


vs. Sean Jacobs DC4

  • The Illuminati V3 actually has a similar level of “realistic collectiveness” as the DC4.
  • The DC4 is more solid while the Illuminati is more gentle on the material and weight.
  • The Illuminati v3 is more laid back.
  • Illuminati v3 has more vibrance.

vs. Fidelizer Nikola2

  • The Nikola2 has truer tone and is more solid.
  • Illuminati v3 has more of a tube like sound.

vs. HDPLEX 300W

  • HDPLEX has better outlining and separtion.
  • Illuminati v3 is fuller, more impactful, and is smoother.
  • Illuminati v3 has much more powerful bass.

vs. Paul Hynes SR4-12

  • Illuminati v3 is quieter than the SR4-12
  • Illuminati v3 has much more bass.

vs. JCAT Optimo 3 Duo

  • The Illuminati v3 has more texture and detail.
  • Optimo is more solid and congealed.

vs. JCAT Initio 3

  • Illuminati v3 is tighter and speedier
  • Initio has better tone and solidity
  • Music is more collected with the Initio while more “floaty” with the Illuminati v3.
  • Illuminati v3 has more texture.

vs. Sbooster

  • The SBooster has a more golden tone but lacks the technicals of the Illuminati v3.