Price: $359 (Single rail, 3 adjustable voltages)

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Power is everything. Some of the biggest improvements, outside of getting that expensive component upgrade you’ve been eyeing, come from upgrading the electrical power supply to your system. Whether it’s upgraded cables, a power conditioner, or better individual PSUs for components, the jump in detail, bass extension, air, and dynamics are electrifying. These are accompanied by notable drops in grain, noise floor, and a general fog around the sound that you didn’t even know was there until it went away.

The Sbooster Best of Two Worlds Power & Precision Mk II is a highly optimized, heavily shielded linear power supply with noise filtration. Available in multiple voltages, Sboosters are compatible with a wide variety of components. Now you can boost the performance of everything from a network switch to an Intel NUC to a Lumin streaming DAC to a Dr. Feikert Woodpecker turntable, and more. The improvement is often two-fold: not only do you give your chosen component a supply of clean, dynamic power, you take a switching power supply out of your system. This is especially true of network and computer components, which often come with a cheap & nasty PSU that injects high-frequency switching noise into the mains supply. This “wall wart” can pollute the sound of your entire system, not just the product it is connected to.

The Sbooster BOTW P&P Mk II has new features that improve power flow, reduce mechanical stress, and lower internal impedance over the original.

Build & Specifications

  • High-quality PCB with double sided 2oz. copper, and a gold-plated finish
  • Better and thicker heatsink from the previous model
  • Upgraded internal wiring with high-quality silver plated copper and PTFE insulation
  • Heavy transformer with electrostatic shielding and HF magnetic shielding
  • Upgraded bulk capacitors
  • Improved reference-circuit
  • Next generation split-current unit
  • New DC-output cable with additional shielding, sleeve and gold plated connector pins
  • Custom-made DC-plugs


Aside from the Shanti, this is your other budget option. At double the price and for only a single rail, you’d expect the SBooster to surely be the better option. And in many ways it is. But if you enjoy more hype, clarity, and blacker background, you might like the Shanti more.

The Sound

Personally, I prefer this power supply over the Shanti. The SBooster offers more density and better dynamics. It also has a warmish tone which is more colorful than the Shanti. But yeah, there’s only a single output.

What I like about the SBooster is how it’s easy to listen to. It’s very liquid yet has this tepid glow that relaxes you. In other words, if a power supply were to smoke a lot of weed, it would sound like the SBooster. This power supply promotes more of a dream than a reality. But seductive enough to be enjoyable.

Like the Shanti, this is a “better than stock PSU” option. The tone is decent but the timbre is a little off. It’s not quite golden and not really a neutral gray. “Rustic” comes to mind. Overall, a “fat” sound with fuzzy outlines that are glued together – and sounds smooth.


The biggest problem is that it sounds pancake flat. No depth at all. Bass is a bit looser (slightly flabby) and spills over the midrange. And articulation isn’t the smoothest. Treble is also a little grey rather than having a truer shine. Compared to the higher-end power supplies, the SBooster is firmly a value option.

In addition, the SBooster doesn’t separate, outline, or control imaging too well. Edges are fuzzier and lack curves. There aren’t a lot of textural cues to be heard and the sound is comparatively “lazy.” It’s a dimensionally flatter sound that is more blobby and smeared. So forget about hearing the leading and falling edges off of transients.

Who Should Buy the SBooster BOTW P&P ECO MkII?

So this power supply is great for those who just want to chill without worrying about the details. For that reason, I could see this power supply being more forgiving for an assortment of systems. It’s not bad for the money. It just doesn’t have enough HiFi bits for my tastes. And probably won’t be for those with a more refined ear.

Between the two budget options, if you don’t mind a cooler tone, the Shanti does more of the technical stuff better (resolution, imaging, air). But not bass. The SBooster is more “musical.”



  • Organics are ok. Warmish, bloomy overlay

  • Smooth and soft

  • Doesn't draw attention. Easy on the ears.

  • Poor delineation. Outlines are blurred.

  • Flabby bass

  • Low resolution

  • Very flat and dimensionless

  • No molding

  • Very slow, especially with transients.

  • Not a lot of air or energy.


vs. HDPLEX 300W

  • They both have a similar level of bass. But the quality of bass from the HDPLEX is better.

vs. Mojo Audio Illuminati v3

  • SBooster has more shine and texture.
  • Illuminati v3 has a lot more dimension and solidity
  • Imaging is very similar between the two. Illuminati v3 has more control.