Best in Class


I’m always looking for great values at the shows. They’re rare – but they’re there.

Great sound doesn’t have to be uber expensive. And it’s no secret that ELAC offers some of the best bank-for-buck products in the market today.

Aside from the neat decor, the music from these ELAC Carina 2.5 way loudspeakers ($2,400) kept me in my seat. The keyboarding on It’s On by George Duke was so groovy and involving. The pace was confident and well-structured. Transients were crisp and clean. I was bobbing my head the whole way through.

Also, the tonality from the piano and vocals from Herbie Hancock’s Imagine (with Pink & Seal) was so organic and “true to life.” You could hear and feel their energy and technique. Very impressive.

Driven by ELAC Alchemy electronics, this complete system is only $8,000. Which is hard to believe – and therefore makes it the Best in Class at High End Munich 2019.