Best in Class


Underwood HiFi

With so many rooms to cover, when a reviewer revisits a room – there’s something special in the air. The Underwood HiFi room was one of two of my revisits at AXPONA (the other being Verity Audio). I just had to reaffirm what I was hearing – as the pricing was extremely attractive. This entire system clocks in under $10,000.

As far as sheer musical enjoyment, this room made it in my top 3. First, the imaging capabilities of these LSA-10 loudspeakers are astounding. You get perfectly positioned instruments and confidently grounded vocals. Secondly, a lifelike body and tone encompass all the listening sessions. Everything was believably present. In essence, it sounded like warmblooded performers were molded and placed three-dimensionally into the room.

Usually, this would mean softer highs and veiled details – but this isn’t the case. Cymbals and violins still have a sufficient amount of vibrancy while percussions are pronounced with weight and gravitas. It was difficult to imagine anyone not enjoying this sound.

Best in class and probably a best-kept secret in HiFi. You really don’t need to spend a lot of money for really good sound. If you ever have a chance to listen to this setup at future shows – it’ll be worth your time.

Needless to say, I’ve requested a review unit and will be taking a closer look in the upcoming months.

  • LSA 10 Signature monitors
    • The new LSA-10 Signature uses our custom aluminum cast basket 6.5” XBL 2 long throw woofer, and a single rear mounted 5” x 7” sub-bass radiator.
    • These are blended with the LSA custom 1” soft dome tweeters with a compact neodymium XBL 2 magnet structure and a shallow waveguide to better integrate with the woofer.
    • These new drivers deliver greater linearity and lower distortion than our previous models along with speed, transparency and lack of smear only found in the most expensive loudspeakers.
    • Bass is flat to 35Hz.
    • Sensitivity is 87dB.
    • Shown in standard beautiful Rosewood satin.
    • Retail: $2,495.00/pr
  • The speakers are driven by the new Emerald Physics EP100.2SE 100 watts/ch hybrid amplifier with an Emerald Physics designed digital amp and custom analog power supply.
    • The 100.2SE, shown in our beautiful powder coated cosmetic and available in translucent black or silver, can be used as a straight 100 watts per channel (150 watts @ 4 ohms) power amp or run at
      275 watts in mono (8 ohms) (450 watts @ 4 ohms)
    • Retail: $2195.00
  • The preamp and DAC with room correction are the DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core.
    • Retail $1195.00
  • The optional 1200 watt Syzygy SLF-870 12” wireless subwoofer is shown for those who need true 20Hz bass reinforcement in larger rooms.
    • It is app-controlled & has in room correction thru the app.
    • Retail: $999.00
  • Power conditioning is the new Core Power Technologies Equi=Core 1800, 15 amp balanced power unit.
    • Retail $1999.00.
  • The 1800 is run thru the new Deep=Core 1800 being introduced here.
    • Retail $1295.00
  • The sources are Qobuz or hard drive audio run thru an Auralic Aries G1 and Marantz CD player used as a transport run into the DSPeaker.
  • Sources and Wireworld cables are not included in the prices above.