In our Full Loom Series, we’ve described the characteristics we’ve enjoyed most about the Audience Au24 SX series of cables and the Synergistic Research Excite set of cables.

Fortunately, the Iconoclast cables bring a blend of the traits we liked about both sets. That’s to say, it brings together the transparency and body we really enjoyed from the Audience cables. Along with some of that air and immersive soundstage from the Synergistic Research cables. Of course, we’re speaking from a “full loom” perspective. Let’s dig a little deeper.

vs. Audience

The Audience Au24 SX XLR has a comparatively denser midrange but slightly softer in the highs. They’re alike in their transparency – removing a layer of haze, and bringing you closer to your equipment.

Presentation wise, the Iconoclast is a little more relaxed – giving you a sense of what it might have been like to listen to a performance from behind a studio mixer. On the other hand, the Audience XLRs has a much more diffused and expansive soundstage. The Iconoclast is more down-to-earth and condensed.

As for the Audience Au24 SX RCA cables, the Iconoclast has more meat on the bones. The Audience still has more air and lower-level details but does sound a bit leaner. It’s relays a clearer more resolving sound while the Iconoclast remains richer and tonally denser.

Alternatively, the new frontRow series from Audience speaker cables (review coming soon) literally plants you in the front row of a performance. It brings you closer while fleshing out anything thrown at it. It’s crazy how this cable does exactly what its name implies.

Comparatively, the Iconoclast is more laid back and leaner. It also has more tonal variations across a large selection of music. Every instrument and voice also has the proper colors and textures. The frontRow presents music in more “lifesize objects” with an gravitational and eerie presence (once again, like you’re in the front row).

vs. Synergistic Research

Meanwhile, the Synergistic Research Euphoria interconnect cables bring you right onto the stage. They’re very musical with its ability to capture midrange essence. It also excels in the way strings reverberate after a pluck or strum.

In comparison, the Iconoclast is equally impressive but presents material timbre more organically with richer overtones (rather than something closer to neutral). This is at the relative expense of a tiny bit of solidity and air. On the other hand, the Euphoria also has more body and liquidity – meaning centralized vocals are articulated with a more weighted and 3D presence.

The Synergistic Research Excite interconnects has a more “dreamy” and clean sound while the Iconoclast is more grounded and textured. It also has a more toasty brown hue versus the neutral tones of the Excite. Some may prefer one over the other.

As for speaker cables, the Synergistic Research Excite speaker cables are on par with the Iconcolast SPTPC in regards to tangibility, smoothness, and focus. The Iconoclast has more resolution while the Excite has more elasticity. The Excites also have more body and silk, trading off some lower level textural cues.