Final Words

It’s difficult to assess the performance of an audio cable. There are different products for different palates. There isn’t “a wrong answer” as everyone will have their own “reference.”

But there are times when you run into something truly spectacular – such as these Iconoclast cables. You know you’ve found something special when an audio cable sounds great no matter what you listen to – or what you connect it to. You’re not listening for detail, air, or soundstage. You’re simply enjoying music.

With Iconoclast, you find yourself drawn into the warm, stringy textures of a Joshua Bell’s Stradivarius violin. Or the brilliant finger work of Angela Hewitt as she ascends up the scales on her Fazioli piano. The instruments and voices have convincing essence, tangibility, and timbre.

Iconoclast’s Philosophy

Audio isn’t an exact science as properties are changing through the audio band. There are many good arguments as to WHEN aspects are logical to use.

If I can’t explain it, I don’t do it. There has to be a good reason, and a logical alternative for customers to make a proper choice. 

I will always strive to explain how ICONOCLAST works and allow open argument as to the benefits at audio. The concepts have to be correct, but the benefit at audio is absolutely debatable…better is better on the lab bench or under the calculator – and thus we can evaluate REAL change. And if it helps our hobby. I’m fine with that.

– Galen Gareis

From the first few seconds to months thereafter – the only thing that crosses our minds about the Iconoclast isn’t a “flavor” but a “faithfulness.” This, in turn, converts into a deeper and more emotional connection to our music. Isn’t that the point of this journey of ours?

We’ve had both feet firmly in the subjective camp. After listening to the Iconoclast, we now have a foot in both. With perhaps the larger toes on the objective side (gasp). The Iconoclast cables sound “right,” measure well, and are relatively affordable. Needless to say, these cables will be our new reference – and are the cables to beat…at any price point.

Cables could be purchased directly from Iconoclast’s website. You also have 30 days to try them out.

  • Speaker Cables (STPC)
    • $2,800 per 10 foot pair
  • XLR (OCC)
    • 4×1 – $1,950 per 5 foot pair
    • 4×4 – $2,250 per 5 foot pair
  • RCA (OCC)
    • 1×1 – $1,750 per 5 foot pair
    • 1×4 – $2,050 per 5 foot pair

In an upcoming addendum, Audio Bacon will get a hold of the OFE and TPC copper variants. We want to give readers a greater sense of what they may be getting more or less of between the different materials.

While there will be invariably differences observed, the sense is that the design principles will come through and you’ll be getting A LOT of what we’ve described at a more value-driven price. Stay tuned…