UPDATE: 4/12/2017 – Ain’t she beautiful?

Quick post on Cavalli Audio‘s upcoming flagship headphone amplifier. I typically like to see beautiful things with their clothes off but in this case, please dress this thing up already Cavalli! 😛

My impression was that it didn’t quite sound like what we’d expect from a tube amp (which isn’t a bad thing) but it still had this very silky, smooth articulation and “analog-ish” presentation. I’m not sure if my ears were playing tricks on me but the soundstage also seemed a bit wider than I remember on some of the tracks. Dynamics were on point and vocals had this very sultry and natural body. Instruments and singers were well delineated and the overall tonal balance was accurate.

If you’re in SoCal, listen to the Liquid Tungsten yourself at The Source AV. Amazing guys there.

I’ll have to update this post once I get more hours on this but there’s definitely something very special about this amp. Stay tuned!