I’m excited to announce that Crux Audio is offering a discount on the SOtM dCBL-CAT7 ethernet cable to readers of Audio Bacon! If you haven’t already, please read my review on this wonderful cable. I’ve thoroughly enjoy their dCBL-CAT6 cables and have been trying to find discounted cables for over a year. They just don’t happen often (or at all). So good news for everyone, just use the code BACON10 at checkout and you’ll get 10% off. This deal is good until the end of April 2017!

They also have a great bundle promotional for the SOtM sMS-200 and mBPs-d2s PSU at $780 (Originally $900). This combo will compete hard against streamers many times its price and is currently being used in our reference system. As mentioned in my review, I recommend purchasing them together. This deal will only be available until April 9, 2017 so if you were thinking about getting the combo, I wouldn’t wait too long.

Just for full disclosure, I don’t get commission for any of these sales. Just a music lover/audiophile who appreciates high fidelity sound. I keep things honest, unbiased, and enjoy sharing my findings with others who also share this passion. Obviously there’s still a lot of uncharted territory in the audio world and I’m set on discovering new frontiers.