Introducing Galileo SX cables

The refinement of perfection.

World Debut, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Room 5018

Galileo SX represents the pinnacle of what we currently know in the field of building audio cables for high-resolution audio systems. We start with complex hand built geometries with Air, Teflon, and Silk dielectrics, pure 99.9999% monofilament silver conductors, 4th generation Tricon geometries, custom designed silver connectors that reduce the amount of material to only what is needed for maximum signal transfer, star point grounding for digital and analogue interconnects that reduces series inductance and noise, new redesigned UEF Tuning Circuits that deliver higher levels of resolution and musicality, and totally new technologies like Matrix UEF Shielding for a lower system noise floor with unparalleled low frequency impact and overall musicality, and a proprietary 1,000,000 volt conditioning process that permanently alters how signal travels through a conductor for more efficient signal transfer as well as a second conditioning process first developed for our Blue Fuses that dramatically improves musicality for ultra resolution without listening fatigue. And we apply the same UEF Compound first developed for our SR Blue fuses to various components of each cable’s design for the best interconnects, speaker cables and power cords we have ever hand build in our California factory.

Speaker Cables

  • $17,500.00 / 8 foot

Interconnect Cables

  • $7,500.00 / 1 meter RCA
  • $9,500.00 / 1 meter XLR

Power Cables

  • $6,000.00 / 5 foot

Digital Interconnect Cables

  • $2,995.00 / 1 meter SPDIF
  • $3,495.00 / 1 meter AES/EBU

USB Cable

  • $2,995.00 / 1 meter

Ethernet Cable

  • $2,9995.00 / 1 meter

Phono Cable

  • $4,995.00 / 1.25 meter