Final Thoughts


The benefits of the Furutech NCF Booster is far from marginal. Dramatic, even. The primary enhancement is in a quieter and more laser-focused sonic image. This, in turn, leads to overall more detail, larger scale, and a veil-less presentation.

The Booster unflattens, steadies, and promotes more gradations in the music. It “dehazes” while giving the music more confidence in its strides. Because of the nature of NCF, I feel it complements darker/warmer systems. Especially if you’re planning to install them closer to the components or mains. When spaced properly – it’s absolutely glorious. I could also see transparency chasers using plenty of these NCF Boosters.

My suggestion: Start with a couple of Boosters and Booster-Signals – and go from there. Due to the varied amount of NCF used in each product – you’ll get a different sound depending on where they’re placed. Chances are, you’ll probably need the extension shaft bars as well.

Gimme some grease!

I’ve decided to install the NCF Boosters at the subwoofer and for use as cable lifters. I’ve also decided to keep one in the home theater. The sound wasn’t as “pure” has having a full set of NCF Boosters – but it has the right amount of “dirtiness” for me.

Coming full circle, sometimes you’ll want some of that bloom and imperfection. If your system sounds better with cables touching the floor – leave them there. Part of the journey is finding what works in your system – and the Furutech NCF Booster will help with that. It still surprises me how such a seemingly passive component could have such a huge impact on the listening experience.

At $350 apiece, many will find the Furutech NCF Booster money well spent. Its build quality and unique flexibility is just an added bonus. In addition, Furutech recently announced their Booster-Signal-L line at ~$175. Lowering the barrier to entry of getting a taste of this delicious NCF juice.

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