Fighting gaming nerds will know about “Moment #37.” 😉 Well, the Beast, Daigo Umehara is an ambassador for HyperX. HyperX also sponsors over 500 gamers around the globe.

For casual play, I think a wireless gaming headset is fine. But if you’re a hardcore, Twitch-streaming nut – you’re going to want to be hardwired in.

In collaboration with Audeze, HyperX introduces the Cloud Orbit ($299.99) and Cloud Orbit S ($329.99). For $30 more, the “S” gives you head-tracking and allows you to bind keys to head movements. So if you tilt your head up or down, they could register as a jump or swapping of a weapon. Or whatever kids do these days. These micro-movement calculations are done 1,000 times a second. As far as juice, battery life is estimated at 10 hours. Neat!

Aside from the detachable microphone, USB-C, and comfortable fit – this headphone sounds superb. There are five sound profiles to choose from. It uses the same 100mm drivers in the Audeze Mobius ($399.99) but is tuned towards warmth. The piano and vocals from Joni Mitchell’s Blue sound palpable and Lorde’s Royals had a generous amount of bass. Extrapolating to gaming – and I’m pretty sure these are going to be a huge hit. For the money, it’s a no-brainer.