ECLIPSE, the Japanese high-performance loudspeaker specialist, a company with a long association with music creation and reproduction, was chosen by Davide Sciacca for his recent solo classical guitar performance in Liverpool, which was supported by retailer Doug Brady.

For the last seven years, Doug Brady has been supporting live music in Liverpool at the Nordic Church and Cultural Centre on Park Lane in the Baltic Triangle area of the city.

Davide Sciacca played a program of solo classical guitar, with gentle amplification feeding TD508MK3 speakers (£960 per pair; optional floor stands £516), which were chosen for their superior timing abilities, accurate sound and natural presentation.

Davide Sciacca’s choice of ECLIPSE speakers as high-quality monitors for classical guitar, follows award-winning guitarist Miloš Karadaglić’s use of the Japanese company’s reference monitors, the TD712ZMK2, for the world premiere of Joby Talbot’s new Guitar Concerto at the BBC Proms, (Prom 25) held at the Royal Albert Hall last year (2nd of August, 2018.)

ECLIPSE speakers are chosen by music lovers and music-making professionals including musicians and recording engineers the world over. A list of users can be found on the ECLIPSE website here.


With extraordinary R&D resources at its disposal, ECLIPSE has crafted a visually stunning range of uncompromising loudspeakers, including desktop, home cinema and subwoofer models, which have been delighting studio engineers, musicians and music and movie lovers since 2001.

Compared to conventional loudspeakers, which focus on reproducing a flat and wide frequency response, ECLIPSE speakers focus on the accurate reproduction of the sound waveform. This means the emphasis is not just limited to tone and rhythm, but the dynamic transients that are essential for expressing musicians’ skill and creativity. ECLIPSE technology makes every TD series loudspeaker sound unimaginably lifelike, with incredible accuracy, expression and effortless delivery.

Everything about the TD series’ design, from the use of single full-range drivers to egg-shaped cabinets, has been skilfully implemented by ECLIPSE engineers who understand that accurate sound waveform performance is achieved by engineering-out all the factors that compromise conventional boxy loudspeakers. Put simply, the ECLIPSE TD series lets you listen to the music, not the loudspeaker.