No compromise ultra-low noise dual-output linear power supply. Designed to partner JCAT USB & NET Cards, as well as any other component requiring up to 3A load, the OPTIMO 3 DUO will drastically improve every aspect of sound. Features two independent galvanically isolated DC outputs, each capable of delivery up to 3A to load. In contrast to many so called ‘linear power supplies’ on the market, the OPTIMO 3 DUO does not use any switching power supplies. 12x State-of-the-art LT3045 ultra low noise linear voltage regulators (6x per output) are used. The result is perfectly clean DC voltage with noise level below measuring range (< 2uV). Bespoke massive low induction 100VA transformer with magnetic and electrical shielding, sealed with epoxy resin guarantees noiseless operation and spectacular dynamics. The OPTIMO 3 DUO incorporates supreme quality audio grade capacitors. Internal wiring is made of high-purity OCC copper. The enclosure and the layout of the PSU is optimized for lowest possible mechanical noise. All these enhancements, developed through intensive listening tests, significantly raise performance. For pure voltage transmission the OPTIMO 3 DUO comes with high quality sockets from Furutech and Neutrik. Two high quality 1.2m PC-OCC 0.7mm² double shielded DC cables with 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC barrel plugs (2.5 plugs available on special request) are included which guarantee superb connection. For best customer experience the PSU incorporates these protection features: short circuit protection, current limit and thermal overload protection, transient overvoltage protection. Manufactured in EU with either 115/230V input. The price is 1500EUR and includes free worldwide express delivery. Available at jcat.eu   


Xtreme edition USB Audio output with ground-breaking performance. The pinnacle of JCAT’s engineering and experience. State-of-the-art linear power supplies combined with latest generation high-precision Emerald OCXO offering ±5ppb stability deliver unmatched performance and set a new benchmark in USB Audio playback. The USB Card XE provides extreme sound quality improvement for any USB DAC or USB-DDC. Just Plug & Play in any PC or mini PC equipped with a PCIe slot and experience music to the XTREME. State-of-the-art ±0.005 (±5 ppb) stability Emerald OCXO (oven controlled oscillator) delivers the most stable timing in the presence of environmental stressors such as airflow, temperature perturbation, vibration, shock, and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Industry’s best LT3045 linear regulators and filters eliminate noise interferences from a PC. Truly linear design: no switching power supplies anywhere. Next generation low latency & low noise ASM3142 USB 3.1 host controller generates a clear USB Audio datastream. External PSU option eliminates computer as the source of power for lowest noise & best sound quality (requirements for the PSU: 5V/1A min). The OPTIMO 3 DUO power supply is highly recommended for absolute best sound quality. Supported operating systems: Windows (all editions), Linux, Mac OS (10.16 or later). The price is 800EUR and includes free worldwide express delivery. Available at jcat.eu