Best of Show

Aaudio Imports

  • Wilson Benesch Resolution speakers ($69,500)
  • Aurender N10 music server ($7,999)
  • HB Cable Design PowerSlave Marble MKII power distributor ($8,995) and Stage III cables
  • Ypsilon Hyperion Mono amplifiers
  • PST 100 MKII Valve preamp ($37,000)
  • DAC 1000 Valve DAC ($24,500)

From the moment you sit down, you hear something very special about this system. The first thing you’ll notice is the perfect balance of detail, body, and warmth. This sets the foundation for a system with unrivaled accuracy in tone and timbre.

In Christian McBride Big Band’s Full House, not only was extension impeccable, this system reaches into the room with physical authority – close your eyes and the performers were there in the flesh. Rodney Jones’s guitar work was a focal point mid-recording and played with grace and weight. Carl Maraghi’s sax flows in from the left and you’re drawn in even further. The delicacy of piano keys and cymbal taps enhances the naturalistic cohesion between all the bandmates.

Simply put, this is what the sound of an end-game system sounds like. At a system value of $360,000 – you’d probably expect it to be.