Innuos Statement – $13,750

  • A double-enclosure with 10mm thick aluminum. You want to get that toroidal as far away from the rest of the equipment.
  • Custom motherboard by Super Micro.
  • Heavily modified firmware and BIOS.
  • Asymmetrical isolation feet.
  • Linear power supply with eight independent power rails by Dr. Sean Jacobs.
    • The external power supply provides raw DC while all eight regulation stage is done in the main chassis. This is to enable a purer and shorter path to the critical components.
  • A custom USB and Ethernet board with the higher precision OCXO clocks. There are two power rails just for USB and one for the clock’s power supply.

Innuos ZEN Mk.3 – ~$4,200

  • Trickle down tech from the ZENith SE Mk.2.
  • New custom motherboard.
  • Mundorf capacitors.
  • 3-rail linear power supply by Dr. Sean Jacobs.

Video Comparison and Details

I think you could actually hear the differences between the ZENith Mk.3 and Statement in these videos (we played the same track). Nuno also goes into more detail about the differences.