Monitor Audio Apex A10 is super stylish and line of SB-2, 3, 4, and ASB-10 soundbars.

Monitor Audio Gold 300 – Tall and gorgeous 3-way floorstander.

MBL – Showing off some beautiful gear.

Creative X-Fi Sonic Carrier – This HUGE soundbar plus subwoofer combo allows you to store media directly onto the soundbar itself. The attractive proposition of this product is that you don’t need a lot of cables. Just plug in an optical or HDMI cable and you’re set. At a price tag of $3,999, many will probably find the inclusion of the subwoofer and all the features worth it.

Torus Power – Popular for use in recording studios, the focus here is more for feeding clean power into home theaters. This includes spike and surge protection, toroidal isolation transformers, and proper grounding. They also introduced their new PowerBlock 5 (4-outlets) and PowerBlock 10 for use to isolate source components.

Salamander Designs – My feet were starting to hurt so I sat in this chair for a good 15 minutes. I couldn’t help but grace each fabric sample from the catalog. This is the life.

ATC – We had a great time chatting with Aleks Bar about their new ATC CDA2 Mk.II CD pre-amplifier. It looks pretty slick and also has an AKM 32-bit DAC. They were also showcasing their ATC SCM11 and ATC SCM7. I recently purchased the SCM7 and I can’t say enough great things about it. A very naturally dense sound with accurate tonality. Their ATC SCM50SE floorstanders have a very elegant finish and build. Photos don’t do it justice and I hope to hear them one day.

ATC CDA2 CD Pre-amplifier – All-discrete class-A preamp with balanced and unbalanced outputs.

We’ve recently purchased the ATC SCM7 for our near-field rig. Incredible sound from these speakers.

Vanco International – Pulseaudio PA360 indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker, 4 x 4-inch drivers, with 8″ subwoofer. 8-hour battery. Maybe I should get one for our next bonfire at the beach.

Dynaudio – We had a great time chatting with Roland Hoffmann and Michael Manousselis at Dynaudio. Active speakers are the craze these days. If we could keep the entire chain digital and remove all the interconnects and amplifiers along the way, why not? The Dynaudio Focus 20 XD ($5,999.99/pair) attempts to do just that. We’re hoping to get a review sample in soon.

Dynaudio Focus 20 XD

Dynaudio‘s new Confidence loudspeakers – soft-dome tweeters, Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) cones, and Dynaudio Directivity Control (DDC).

Dynaudio Confidence 20 – $14,000

Probably the sexiest and definitely one of the better sounding bookshelves out there – Dynaudio Special Fortys

Kohler Konnect DTV+ showering system – Customize your shower experience (seriously). So you’re able to adjust shower heads, temperature, steam, and lighting with voice commands…