Audioquest – Known for their high-end cables for use in both music and home theater. They have their uber-popular DragonFly DACs and Beetle (which includes Bluetooth and optical inputs).

Samsung‘s impressive “The Frame” display. Could you tell which ones are actual TVs?

SpectraCal VideoForge Pro pattern generator – If you’re thinking about calibrating your TV with Calman, especially for Dolby Vision and HDR, this is the one to get.

More spoiled gamers…

The Harman Kardon Citation Towers were pretty awesome. A lifestyle piece that looks sleek and sounds great. It even has a color mini-display screen and works with Google Assistant. More than a good value at $2,500/pair. Big thanks go out to Alex Neslusan, Senior Product Specialist at Harman, for giving me the Harman Kardon tour.

Lots of ears were in this room. The JBL L100 Classic brings back the 1970 iconic L100 loudspeaker. It still has its vintage styling, including the Quadrex foam grille. With pure pulp 12-inch woofer and 5-inch midrange, and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter mated with a waveguide. It’s not quite a bookshelf or a floorstander, but it looks AND sounds great.

Revel shows off its PerformaBe loudspeakers with all-new beryllium tweeters and beautiful finishes.

LG had a really nice and homey setup at CEDIA 2018.

Why does the LG Signature OLED W series look better than my LG C8? (Looks over shoulder) Oh, they probably had those Calman guys calibrate it. Such a gorgeous display. Infinite contrast baby!

Portrait Displays acquired SpectraCal a few years back and they have been making some big moves. Calman is being used by many major studios including Disney, NBC, CNN, and CNET. They’ve introduced Autocal for the LG displays and have recently announced Autocal for Sony’s 2018 MASTER Series A9F and Z9F 4K HDR displays. I’ve been using Calman for over 10 years to calibrate Pioneer Kuros and Panasonic (Pannys). I love the interface, the workflows, and the amount of integration and support across a variety of displays and devices. It was great to finally meet the wonderful people behind the project – including Martin Fishman, the Co-CEO of Portrait Displays, Tyler Pruitt (Technical Evangelist), and L.A. Heberlein (VP Business Dev). Keep up the great work guys.