Sound Quality


I’m just going to cut to the chase with this one. This cable has a very coherent and smooth sound while still being full-bodied and euphoric. Besides sounding a little flat vs some of the other cables…I have zero complaints. The tuning of this cable was obviously done with a lot of Tender, Love, & Care (TLC). It’s rich, musical, natural, and pleasantly addictive. It provides just the right amount of tonal density to instruments and voices while maintaining a very liquid and detailed sound. It actually reminded me of the time I first heard the Meze 99 Classics. It’s not perfect but you have to admit it sounds pretty damn good.

Even during my sessions with much pricier cables, I’ve gravitated back to the Supra CAT8. Each cable had its signature but the Supra CAT8 just pulls me into the music. I had to do a few triple takes as I just couldn’t believe I’ve consistently preferred the $45 cable over the rest (excluding the SOtM dCBL-CAT7).

From my experience, 70% of the time, I would have to say price does correlated with performance. However, it’s quite a mixed bag with ethernet cables. In regards to the Supra CAT8, some of you will very likely prefer more resolution, refinement, soundstage, and treble energy that you’ll get from the other cables. I’ll go much more in depth about the specific sonic traits of each of these cables in an upcoming SOtM iSO-CAT6 review, but for now, I would highly recommend hearing this cable for yourself.

How much did I like the Supra CAT8 cables? Well, I bought a DIY kit to rewire my entire entertainment center. Hard to believe, but the difference was apparent with my 11.1 surround sound system.

I’ve also challenged a few naysayers in my circle. I had them replace the generic cable from the modem to the router with this Supra CAT8 cable and had them listen to their favorite songs on Spotify/Tidal. The difference was undeniable and now they understand that not all audiophile purchase decisions are irrational. Even your mom could hear the difference. So for those who stream most of your music, you’ll get a pleasant and audible upgrade in your sound quality. Just make sure you have one of these cables at every part of your chain.