Final Thoughts

Although the Hugo M Scaler is still my preferred upscaler, the HQPlayer’s capabilities are undeniably impressive. If you enjoy a liquid sound, neutral-greyish tone, with analog solidity…you’ve just struck gold. HQPlayer is one of the best “bang for the buck” products in this industry. You’ll get a ton of value from HQPlayer as it is not only affordable – but serves as a transformative complement for any DAC. With its long list of filters – there’s something for everyone.

The common theme with these upscalers is the loss of warmth as you increase the multiplier. Hopefully, we’re able to preserve some of that richness while reaping the benefits of depth and dimensionality in future technologies. Currently, it seems like this is the expected tradeoff.

This is just one man’s opinion. If there’s an HQPlayer setting you’d like me to check out, please let me know below. I’m sure HQPlayer will continually improve and I’ll keep you posted. As always, evaluate with your ears and form your own opinions.

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