Final Thoughts


The Audio Art Cable Statement e SC Cryo speaker cable has truth baked in. And is then sprinkled with delicious bits of seduction. There isn’t a single genre of music it doesn’t sound great with this cable. Although it doesn’t stretch and pull the music out excessively – it bundles the music naturally. This doesn’t just apply to vocals or instruments but for ambient sounds like birds chirping, water running, or even police sirens.

After endless hours of listening to this cable, I believe the AAC Statement will get you closer to the artist’s intent than most. It doesn’t excel at being contoured or ultra-transparent – but when you let the music just play out…you never feel like you’re missing anything. Consequently, instead of having the “special effects”…I’m willing to make the tradeoff for a fuller, more dynamic, and golden presentation. The AAC Statement isn’t “dark”, or “bright”, but just enjoyable to listen to. It’s special because you forget about the gear – and instead, are immediately enveloped into the music.

Also, from my experience in HiFi, it’s getting more difficult to add warmth to a system. Most of these companies are about an upward ramp towards the top-end. This seems to help in improving the “quietness” and detail – but takes away the soul. The AAC Statement is more grounded and extracts the best parts. It doesn’t sound awkward or contrived – but has a distinct yet familiar feel to what I would hear from live music.

The Audio Art Cable Statement is worthy of an audition. Especially if you’re looking to add a bit more warmth, texture, or low-end to your system. It’s also very affordable when considering other high-end options. As with any great speaker cable company, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 30-day trial. I look forward to including this cable for future reviews.

Audio Art Cable Statement speaker cables – $1,180