Final Thoughts


If you’re listening to mostly digital music, it’ll be worth investing in an audiophile grade Ethernet switch. It’ll be the difference between a very flat sounding and convoluted image and a very precise, full-bodied, and enveloping one.

  • If you’re on a budget, the Cisco SG100D-08 V2 isn’t too bad for $65. The tone is a little “grey” but it sounds pretty HiFi for a consumer device.
  • If you’re willing to spend a little bit more – The Linear Solution OCXO is an incredible value ($750). It’s magnitudes better than any consumer-grade Ethernet switch.
  • If you want the best audiophile Ethernet switch money could buy today – the SOtM sNH-10G is mando. At $1,900 USD (with the Evox cap and 7N UPOCC upgrade), this switch is insanely expensive – but will be worth it to the snobbiest of audiophiles. In addition, to maximize the use of the SOtM sCLK-EX, it could be purchased with the SOtM sMS-200ultra Neo.

The impact of the SOtM sNH-10 on my own system was substantial. The improvements in detail retrieval, noise floor, and ultra-precise timing were at the level of a DAC upgrade. For me, that was enough to justify the price. So, I’m keeping this bad boy.

I’ll be posting a video demonstrating the differences. It’ll be in a blind test format. If you haven’t done so already, SUBSCRIBE!

Purchasing: SOtM sNH-10G