AXPONA, April 13, 2019 – Clarus is introducing its first-ever line of AC Power Conditioners: Duet, Sextet, Octet and the flagship Bel Canto (beautiful voice). These models represent an entirely new approach to the implementation of filtering systems that are designed primarily for 2-channel audio systems. 

Clarus Bel Canto Power Conditioner The Clarus approach to power conditioning represents a radical new way of designing an application specific filtered AC energy delivery system. It is widely accepted that filtering noise from the AC line keeps that noise from contaminating the audio signal. It is also common knowledge that some filter designs will choke input current thus limiting peak performance of power amps. Clarus however, has discovered that some types of filters used for supplying power specifically to analog components while measurably remove noise from the AC signal, audibly degrade the signal and restrict the sound from blooming. 

The Clarus solution is the implementation of three separate and unique AC filter ensembles for its new line of Power Conditioners; one for Analog components, one for Digital components and one for High Current amplifiers.  As with all Clarus products, these entirely new designs are evaluated with test instruments, but final decisions are made only after they are subjected to extensive listening tests and comparisons with reference designs, keeping firmly in mind the sound of live music. It’s no coincidence that the designer is a renowned engineer and life-long Audiophile as well as a musician who frequently attends a wide variety of live performances. 

Joe Perfito, president of Clarus cable , explained the origin of the new Clarus AC Power product line: ” The development of audiophile-quality power conditioners is a natural progression for Clarus. When the first prototypes were completed our listening tests began. The results were remarkable. It was if a cloth that spread across the sound stage and over the musicians had been lifted.

High-frequency detail and vocal quality improved dramatically. The size of the sound stage increased as well as the imaging giving a better definition of instrument placement. Soft passages were incredibly quiet exposing a deep, dark noise floor. Overall tonal balance was smooth with no apparent musical ranges being accentuated or attenuated.”

Jay Victor, the renowned engineering expert behind the development of Clarus’ new power product line is also the engineer that developed all Clarus and Tributaries audio, speaker and power cables. Holder of 50 patents, Jay has managed the design and implementation of numerous products for high-profile manufacturers serving the high-end audio market. He is also a musician, playing piano, guitar and bass guitar, and enjoys live concerts whenever possible.  His prior background included 12 years of intensive engineering work as a Mechanical Design Engineer for X-Ray cables and wire harnesses, proprietary connectors and scientific test instrument designs. His Electrical Engineering counterparts, as it turned out, were often audiophiles, and coincidentally led to many audio-related “side projects”.

Expected US Suggested Retail Pricing:

  • Duet – $1,000Sextet – $1,400
  • Octet – $1,800
  • Bel Canto – $3,000  
  • Availability is expected to begin summer 2019