Gingko Audio will premiere the Clarissa LE monitor speakers in Room 1520. We will drive them using three different integrated amplifiers: a 100W Class D Cyrus One HD from the UK, an 8W tube TRV-A300XR from Triode Corp of Japan and a 150W solid state Majestic from Wells Audio in California.

An international lineup of digital and analog sources from Poland, Austria, Mexico, and the USA is also presented.  Cables are from Danacable, racks are from Pangea, and vibration control devices are from Gingko Audio.

We plan to run demos every half hour and the audience gets to listen to all three systems – tube, solid state, and Class D – playing the same music tracks for a direct comparison.

Special Show Sales Promotion! Get 15% off retail with coupon codes given out at the show! See you at AXPONA!