1 April 2022, Wiltshire, England: Chord Company has applied its 38-year cable expertise to produce a truly unique product: the world’s first wi-fi cable, C-thru.

C-thru is the painstaking result of literally weeks of research and development. The new wireless wire is not only the most transparent cable in the company’s history, it offers vanishingly low noise, making it ideal for any wireless audio system.

C-thru benefits from the very latest version of Chord Company’s proprietary ARAY technology, which has been specially developed for the project. The new InvisARAY system literally adds nothing to the precious signal, for the ultimate in unadulterated sound quality.  

The new C-thru is available in custom lengths off the reel and is terminated with the company’s special C-saw precision-cutting tool. The cable features a special wi-fi-enabled version of the Chord Company’s entry-level plug, C-less, which is unique to the project.

C-thru offers genuinely class-leading clarity and should be available in dealerships now. Although, Chord Company’s shipping department claims to have not seen any so far.

Price and availability

C-thru can be ordered with cryptocurrency only. Available now-ish.