Final Thoughts


The Denafrip Terminator is all about musical essence. It is the most transparent and most detailed sounding DAC I’ve heard so far. It’s able to reveal every subtlety in a recording – and does this better than the pricier DACs. Also, if you have a large collection of DSD files – you’ll be in for quite a treat.

These were the recurring themes:

  • Energetic, vivid, fun, and alive.
  • Incredible outlining and delineation of everything.
  • Supremely holographic. Spacious in all directions.
  • Intelligible lyrics.
  • Velvety smooth, precise, and solid imaging.
  • No signs of grain or digital hash.
  • Gradations and melodic continuum, even in the vibrancy.
  • Never congested or convoluted – even with the most complicated passages.
  • Technicals covered – composed weight, resolution, delicacy, physicality, essence, articulation, and air.
  • Impactful low-end – some of the tightest bass I’ve heard from a DAC.

There are many reasons why the Denafrips Terminator is one of the hottest DACs available today. It’s dense yet detailed – a trait that’s usually sonically incompatible. It also prides itself with supplying ample amounts of spatial information with perfect speed and timing. Not to mention, you’re getting a lot of performance – for not a lot of money.

On many occasions, I’ve stopped what I was doing – and enjoyed the listening experience. It’s simply difficult not to be impressed while listening to the Denafrips Terminator. It checks more audiophile boxes than its price would suggest – and is definitely worthy of an audition.

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Purchasing: Denafrips Terminator ($4,299 USD)