EXOGAL Audio announced today that they are in the process of acquiring the Equi-Core and Deep-Core product lines from Core Power Technologies.

Said Jeff Haagenstad, CEO of EXOGAL: “We have been partners with Core Power Technologies at trade shows and in our development lab for several years. Many of our customers have separately purchased and use Equi-Core products and rave about the combination. We believe in the product lines and believe that they provide excellent performance and value to discerning audio customers which are in line with our core values. We believe these products are excellent companions to our product line and this acquisition allows us the opportunity to incorporate the technologies from both companies into our future products.”

As soon as the logistics can be arranged, the Equi-Core and Deep-Core purchasing, assembly, testing, engineering and shipping functions will be relocated to EXOGAL’s offices in Minnesota. In the interim, these products will continue to be built in Core Power’s Colorado facility under the management of EXOGAL. Effective immediately EXOGAL will assume most operational and fulfillment responsibilities for these products.

For now, please direct all inquiries as follows:

INFORMATION: COREInfo@exogal.com
SALES: CORESales@exogal.com
SUPPORT: CORESupport@exogal.com

Sales channels for these products have not yet been determined. Those decisions will be made in consultation with our dealers and distributors and announced later. At this time, sales will be direct from EXOGAL using the above email address or via telephone at 651-964-0698 ext 1.

Customers currently in a warranty or support process should continue to work through the Core Power team although EXOGAL will be available to help resolve any issues during the transition. Any customer with new warranty or support issues should contact us directly via the above email / phone.

EXOGAL is not acquiring Core Power Technologies, LLC, the company, which will remain as a separate entity located in Colorado. EXOGAL is solely acquiring the assets and products for the Equi-Core and Deep-Core lines, including the brand names.


EXOGAL was founded in 2013 by audio industry veterans who innovated for some of the biggest names in the industry. The founders – Jim Kinne, Larry Jacoby, Jan Larsen and Jeff Haagenstad – came together around a shared vision to create products that are – as our name implies – “out of this galaxy.”

Our design philosophy is to create products that provide for an optimal listening experience in our customers’ everyday lives, not just in the labs under ideal test conditions. Keeping our sourcing and manufacturing close to our Minnesota headquarters shortens design‐to‐manufacturing times and allows us to get to market more quickly with bold new products.

All EXOGAL audio products use open protocols and interfaces, which allow you to play your music no matter where you bought it or where the music stream originates.   
For more information, please contact info@exogal.com