The Audio Company‘s World Premiere of Von Schweikert Audio Ultra 9s ($200,000) in flamboyant red and VAC Statement 450i iQ integrated amplifier ($150,000). A sight to behold. Von Schweikert Audio V12XS Shockwave subwoofer ($11,500), Esoteric Grandioso P1 transport ($38,000), D1 monoblock DAC ($19,000 each), G-01 rubidium clock ($20,000), N-01 ($20,000), Critical Mass Olympus Luxury rack ($61,500), Kronos Pro turntable ($51,500), Airtight Opus 1 cartridge ($15,000). Revealing, fantastic layering and separation, with exuberance and air. Not a very warm sounding system but great for piecing out the many parts of the busiest and most involved of recordings.