Time and time again – I love these Falcon Acoustics LS3/5As speakers ($3,600/pr). 100% faithful to the 1976 BBC spec. Right down to the last component. 83 dB, 15 ohms. Those vocals are to die for – and you don’t have to spend more than $4,000.

German Physiks HRS-130 in high gloss finish ($25,000/pr) driven by Accustic Arts Mono II ($25,995/pr). van den Hul cabling. You can’t help but smile when you’re listening in this room. They look too big for the room but it works! You’re just blanketed with layers of beautiful sound and punchy dynamics – no matter where you’re sitting. Wonderful sound for the money.

Kii Three, controller, and BXT Module ($39,295). Instead of a 15-30 minute pitch, please have a banner with all the bulleted benefits of this system and let these beauties speak for themselves. The BXT modules add more meat on the bones to the Kii Three. Amazing imaging and soundstage definition. The tone still isn’t quite at my level of warmth but no complaints otherwise – especially given the ridiculous simplicity of this system.

Butcher Block Acoustics!

DEQX and Kyron Audio. Here we have the three-way, active, open-baffle Kyron Audio Kronos loudspeakers ($110,000), Mercury sealed active subs ($19,900/pr), Antipodes DS-GT server ($4,900), and PS Audio Power Plant ($9,900). Overall, it paints a very lush and organic acoustic picture. For some reason we weren’t hearing much from the subwoofers but enjoyable nonetheless.

The horniest room at the show. ESD was formed in 2016 in pursuit of sonic excellence and “spiritual peacefulness.” Carbon fiber horns, field coil drivers, Truextent Beryllium Diaphragms, and over 110 dB sensitivity. The Dragon speaker system is priced at about $300,000 USD. It’s nice to hear some Chinese music at these shows – but this room just wasn’t flattering for the sound. Perhaps it’ll sound better at the new location next year.

ESD CDT-1 CD transport (the gold thing), DX-1 Active Crossovers (the ones with many buttons), DA-1 DAC (the ones with the brown knob), D100W power amp (no markings), and DPA-1 preamp (another one with the brown knob).