Final Thoughts

So I lied, the world’s best power supply today is actually the Paul Hynes SR7. However, for many, the SR4 will be the ultimate “obtainable” end game power supply. It’ll be a critical component that will remain in one’s system throughout the flux of this hobby. It’s only second to its bigger brothers – and is still in its own league versus the competition. Many other power supplies sound piecewise, more confined, flatter, and fuzzier around the edges. With the Paul Hynes designs, there’s an unquestionable “rightness” to its sound.

Now, in order to proclaim something to be “The Best” you have to have heard all of the top players in the game (difficult). Or, after long-term listening and comparisons, you have to be genuinely less curious about what else is out there. All I can say is…I haven’t heard everything, but I’m no longer curious.

To sum my thoughts on the SR4 in two words: Congealed Realism. If you find your system a bit stretched, flat, etched, diffused, and grainy…the SR4 may be the remedy you’re looking for.

The impact of an SR4 on the various components are so profound, it makes me wonder if it could “convert” a simple server or DAC into something far greater (and more economical). For example, the power supplies are the main reason why the Innuos Zenith Statement is so expensive (but sounds so great). I’ll definitely have to experiment more.

It’s really too bad most manufacturers don’t allow you to use your own power supplies. I understand it may not be practical or economical, but I personally would pay to have the option of a DC input. There are many enthusiasts who have started to power their Chord Electronics Qutest DACs and Intel NUCs with the SR4 – resulting in very surprising gains.

When you hear the SR4, you really start to realize just how important the power supply is at every part of your chain. You’ll start to get the urge to replace every one of them. The goal of most audiophiles is to get closer to something utterly convincing. After hundreds of listening tests with electronics and cables, I don’t think this goal is achievable without a high-performance power supply, like the SR4.

Fortunately, SR4 orders are fulfilled in a timely manner – so I placed an order for another one. Get yours by contacting Paul Hynes at

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SR4s are manufactured in batches of 10 per month during the last week of the month, although this can vary slightly with staff absence due to holidays or illness. Shipment is usually made the following week after the two-day soak test. 

Money Back Guarantee

  • Customers have 56 days from receipt of the SR4 to allow burn-in and assessment before deciding whether to keep or return the power supply for a refund.
  • Customers will have to notify Paul Hynes Design of the return within the time period and also cover the return shipping cost.


  • SR4
    • The SR4S-12 in the silver anodised extrusion currently costs £330.
    • The SR4B-12 in the black anodised extrusion currently costs £342.
  • DC cables
    • 0.2 metre DC3CXLR annealed Copper with Teflon insulation costs £31.
    • 0.5 metre DC3CXLR annealed Copper with Teflon insulation costs £43.
    • 1 metre DC3CXLR annealed Copper with Teflon insulation costs £55.
    • 0.2 metre DC3FSXLR annealed Fine Silver with Teflon insulation costs £44.
    • 0.5 metre DC3FSXLR annealed Fine Silver with Teflon insulation costs £65.
    • 1 metre DC3FSXLR annealed Fine Silver with Teflon insulation costs £90.
  • Shipping costs for the SR4 power supply including insurance for loss or damage in transit:
    • UK – £12
    • Europe – £20
    • Rest of the world – £28