Clearaudio turntables –More info.

Knowledge: Quintessence Audio. AMG Turntables, Audio Research, Aurender, Clearaudio, Critical Mass Systems, dCS Ltd., DS Audio, Kubala-Sosna Research, Musical Surroundings Inc, Quintessence Audio, Sim Audio Moon, Sonus Faber, Wilson Audio. I thought this Wilson room sounded the best. Alexia-Series 2 <3

Knowledge: Quintessence Audio. My favorite out of the Wilson rooms.

Perfection: Quintessence Audio. AMG Turntables, Audio Research, Aurender, Clearaudio, Critical Mass Systems, dCS Ltd., DS Audio, Kubala-Sosna Research, Musical Surroundings Inc., Sim Audio Moon, Sonus Faber. Sabrina speakers sounded great…still prefer the Series-2. 😛

Connection: Quintessence Audio. Sonus Faber Aida loudspeakers ($130,000) driven by Audio Research Ref 750SE monoblocks ($66,000/pr). Audio Research Ref 10 line stage ($30,000), phono stage ($30,000), CD9 ($13,000). Very smooth and dynamic sound from this system. Had a nice balance of resolution/speed and body. Wasn’t really punchy but enjoyable nonetheless.

Imagination: Paragon Sight and Sound. Brinkmann Audio, dCS Ltd., Doshi Audio, Harmonic Resolution Systems, Transparent Audio, Wilson Audio. These Wilson Sasha Series 2 loudspeakers ($26,900/pr) had some good musicality and transparency.

Doshi Line Preamplifier V3.0 and V3.0 Photo Stage

Audio Research Ref 750SE monoblocks ($66,000/pr)

Innovation: Paragon Sight & Sound, Clearaudio, D’Agostino Master Systems, dCS Ltd., Harmonic Resolution Systems, Stromtank, Transparent Audio. Huge Wilson Alexandria XLF loudspeakers ($200,000/pr) driven by Dan D’Agostino Momentum monoblocks. Dan D’agostino Momentum preamp and phono stage. Clearaudio Innovation Turntable. dCS Vivaldi stack. Powerful, chest-pounding dynamics accompanied by nuanced textures, speed, and resolution.

Clearaudio Statement TT1-M1 turntable ($30,000+)

Pass Laboratories XP-22 Preamplifier ($9,500). I’ve heard it on another system and it’s a fantastic pairing with their X350.8 amplifier.

I’ve heard wonderful things about this amplifier. Might have to get one in.

First Watt SIT-3 ($4,000) Debut: Release date is expected to be early June 2018. The SIT-3 has more power, more damping factor and less distortion than the previous designs. It retains their desired second harmonic character with even fewer higher order harmonic components.

Schaumburg H: Auralic. Showcasing their ARIES G2 wireless streaming transporter ($3,899), ARIES G1 ($2,000-$2,500), LEO GX ($6,500-$7,500), and ARIES G1 Streaming Transporter.

Water your speakers and they’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear…

ANTICABLES were cabling many listening rooms this year (Rooms #339, 470, 721, and 622 to name a few).

Wynn Audio went above and beyond to bring two channel into the EXPO Hall via this stand-in room. There wasn’t any music when I stuck my head in here but you could check out how effective this box was at isolating the show noise here. Thank you, Wynn Audio for sending it.

I bet these Atrevit Acoustic speakers sound…organic.

Just go digital folks. No cleaning required. I kid I kid…not really.

Zavfino makes some fancy cables and tonearms…

Kanto makes some affordable powered speakers

I took this shot before getting hit in the back of the head by Bill Potett. Excited to get more review gear in.

An interesting Kickstarter that incorporates a Bluetooth speaker into a suitcase. Can’t wait to use this at an Airbnb.

Smile! or not… Please say Hi to Victor Kung for me. Great sounding drivers.

Hard drives are cheap…

ZMF Auteur review incoming…

Listen to their Beryllium. Crazy good sound for $300.

Ah, my first headphone amplifier. Paired beautifully with the Audeze LCD-3s. Not sure about the red accents…

Since 1999, Perfect Seal Laboratories, Inc., has been at the forefront of innovative earmold technology by providing the highest in quality craftsmanship and customer service. We originally built our reputation by specializing in state-of-the-art hearing aids, and are now applying our expertise to produce the very best in music earbuds and sound protection plugs!

Eartech Music is a custom in-ear studio dedicated to making the highest quality and most affordable in-ear products for musicians, sound engineers and audiophiles.

LTA. What’s up with the dog?

Pioneer…please make an OLED TV.

Beautiful people from Astell & Kern. Give the SP1000 DAP a listen.

I use Comply on all my buds. Seriously.

This beauty caught my eye. Swan Song Audio Class A buffer tech HP integrated amplifier ($3,500).

The Limetree series will make you appreciate the magic that happens when you combine state-of-the-art technology, smart design and the finest headphones!

The man with two first names makes the best electrostatic headphone amplifiers…

AHB2s here…AHB2s there. Check out their HPA4 headphone/line amp.

Where’s Thomas?

Cleer FLOW ANC headphones ($279.99). This headphone was on our Hit List and doesn’t disappoint. Has all the features of my Sony WH-1000XM2 at a lower cost. We’ll get one in for review very soon.

Cleer NEXT audiophile headphone ($699.99). Melding form and function a luxurious, open-back, alloy structure provides the foundation from which the innovative ironless magnesium driver units emote bold and articulate, high-resolution sound as soft sheepskin and memory foam caress you in comfort. A 1.5m four-conductor, audio cable with LEMO® hardware ensures secure connectivity and optimal audio signal flow. Silky smooth sound.

Also on our Hit List, the AR-M200 ($399.00). A nice pairing and impressive sound for the money. Will be getting one in for review soon. Enables you to remote from a cellphone (similar to a Chord Poly + Mojo combo).

Not 100% sure this is Gayle Sander’s car but depending on the year…estimated to be worth at least $2 million. That’s about 35 Wilson Alexia Series-2 speakers and three times as many Eikons…

You can’t go around AXPONA without Morrow Audio all up on your face. That’s because they’re on all the event bags at the show! I’m a huge fan of Mike Morrow’s philosophy used in his SSI cable technology (Solid core wire, small gauge, individually insulated strands). We’re excited to get some cables in for review very soon.

Can’t go through the Ear Gear section without noticing these beauties. These Auris Headonia 2A3 headphone amplifiers allow two listeners…at two different headphone impedances. It’s the first headphone amp I’ve seen with this nice feature. Real wood, Real leather. Price? $9,200.

Auris Headonia 2A3 ($9,200)

I wonder how this sounds with the Omega Compact Alnico Monitors. Nice to finally meet the great Bill Evans.

PS Audio had Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates man. None of that Kit-Kat, M&M crap. (Stuffs Morrow Audio)

The new PS Audio P20 Power Plant ($10,000) could be found in many of the listening rooms.

Journey/Creation Complex: PS Audio. To the side of the EXPO Hall, you’ll find some PS Audio gear with Goldenear Triton loudspeakers. This configuration sounded much better than I had anticipated. Clean, warm, and musical.

RUEL Audio: Also on our Hit List. I don’t think the room/tent was kind to this setup but it’s a fascinating design. The base R+ starts with 7 modules and you could stack as many as you need to reach your ceiling. This aims to remove the sweet spot by providing an even sound level throughout the room. There’s huge potential. I can’t wait to revisit this system again in a proper room. For more info.

Room 390: AVM Audio USA. AudioQuest, Music Dierct, Solidsteel Racks.

Room 304: Saturday Audio Exchange. Roksan, Monitor Audio.