Here’s what 99% coverage looks like. What I’ve learn from this show: If you step into a room and it’s warm because the AC has been turned off…they mean business.

The only magic show at LAAS where gorgeous models open the doors for you. The HFTs, Atmosphere, and Black Box are products that actually work. Impressive demo by Ted. Looking forward to trying some of these gadgets on our systems.

Kimber Kable were making cables on the spot for customers. Pretty neat.

Lots of hype for the ELAC. Sounded superb for the price. Excellent timbre and dynamics all around. My only complaint was a lack of depth, which could be attributed to the source/room.

MBL: The most celestial audio room of the show. You can’t help but to be enveloped by an incredibly musical sound field.

Coming from a home theater background, this room was close to my heart. Although the Atmos presentation wasn’t the best I’ve heard, the HDR 4K presentation from the JVC protector was something otherworldly. Truly one of the visual gems of the show. RIP Pioneer Kuro.

MQA? Yeah, it sounds better for the most part.

Leave your your test tracks at home. An amazing performance by the one and only…Amber Rubarth.

Car audio is challenging, especially with all the surrounding glass. However, I’m glad strides are made to improve SQ for the poor Angelenos who are stuck in traffic for hours everyday. This Sony system was the best sound I’ve ever heard out of a Prius. Thank you Richard Wong for the awesome demo.

The New MSB ‘Reference DAC’ doesn’t disappoint. Few speakers are worthy of its presence.

HFC’s modified CD player with tubes removed and replaced with a magnet stage.

The Sean Connery of magnets: Rick Schultz

Don’t let the size of these little guys fool you. They sound like a five-figure speaker…and they were. O_O

Mr Speakers new award-winning electrostatic headphone. I had an incredibly fun time listening to these. Toe-tapping and engaging no matter what genre was being played. By far my favorite headphone listening experience at the show. Something about that sound signature is just a pure joy to listen to.

I think this is my 5th time with the Orpheus. Sounds like how it looks…exquisite.

Audeze didn’t disappoint with the new LCD i4 IEM. They weren’t kidding about shrinking a LCD-4 down to an IEM. Thoroughly impressed. I have to admit, I gave equal attention to the Hugo 2 😛  Ships in 2 weeks!

The Tocaro 42E Loudspeaker ($14,000) – Wooden tweeter…

Such sweet sound out of these Harbeth SuperHL5plus speakers. Thoroughly enjoyed my time in this room. Fantastic speakers.

Holger Adler: “Not bad right?” What a jokester. High-efficiency speakers at its finest. Ridiculous resolution, soundstage, and imaging. A coherent beauty.

The most dynamically explosive demo of the show. The difference between MQA and original files (at least the ones used in this demo) were apparent. The amount of authority these Wilsons were putting out could not be understated.

Brooks Berdan had one of the best treated rooms at the show. They went to great lengths to ensure an enjoyable listening experience for all their guests. The Magico S3 MKII’s sang beautifully in this room.

I have a bunch of IsoAcoustic products. Their demo speaks for itself. Their new GAIA series look and feel fantastic!

I’ve heard great things about these platforms.

Jim has one of the best ears in the business…just listen to his cables.

Probably in my Top 3 as far as audio experiences at the show. These German Physiks speakers paired with Merrill Audio amps…whew…I didn’t want to leave the room.

Sweet potato in a burrito…

The best Magico setup at the show…by Magico.

Shout out to Mark Sossa from Well Pleased AV for playing the very best in hip-hop 😉

The guys from Audio Element out in Pasadena are extremely knowledgable. These Wilsons were voiced very well for this room.

The Source AV is the best place to try out headphone gear, listen to some Focal speakers & Dan D’Agostino amps, and experience a million dollar theater system. They have some of the best customer service in the industry with very knowledgable and accommodating staff. Stop by and you’ll see what I mean.

I was given my choice of song, the sweet spot, and the remote at one point. Eva Cassidy never sounded so alive. The Von Schweikert Ultra 11 was pinpoint accurate as far as imaging and as spacious as it gets for soundstage. It just sounds like a live orchestra and the speakers disappear. In my Top 3 for the show.


Thomas is the man. Lola review coming up!

Probably the best headphone stand design I’ve seen in a long time. Great job Peter!

This new AK flagship blew me away. Wow.

Paul, his wonderful wife, and LUCY!!!

Source AV’s Wall of Utopia

Congrats Dan! Well-deserved.

Actual size…

Anne Bisson’s custom Focal Utopia Headphones

A very convincing demo by isoAcoustics. Looking forward to reviewing the Gaia.

Maronic S-800R Prototype – F201EX drivers. They will be built taller in a future revision. A very euphonic and sweet sound.

Volti Audio Rival – SOLD!

One of the very best DACs I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. I still think about the sweet mids coming out of this thing.

Some of the friendliest guys in the industry. Still love my Meze 99 Classics!

The Shelby Snake Bite Lager was delicious. Also one of the smoothest IPAs I’ve ever tasted.

KEF Blade Two ($25,000 – $30,000)

Paradigm Personal 5F – I think they’re beautiful

Perfect8 The Point MKII Evolution ($115,000)

Ricky Miranda has intimate knowledge of all things Sennheiser. Fantastic guy with great taste in music.

Sonoma Acoustics Model One Electrostatic Headphone and Amp ($5,000) – Now on Tyll’s Wall of Fame!

Andrew Demery – “I think it was about half way through Saturday that we realized that we had to point out to attendees that those were the actual packaging boxes, and not, as some thought, a display stand! We are, naturally, extremely proud of all aspects of the product, including the packaging.”