Room 1534: EINSTEIN Audio Components GmbH. Sexy and shiny.

Room 1528: Kyomi Audio. Diablo 120 with DAC module, Sonett phono stage (North American debut), Scorpio S CD player, Pear Audio turntable, Magnum Cables, Gryphon Mojo S loudspeakers ($24,753). One of my favorite speakers at the show. Musicality with layers upon layers of rich and tactile textures. Male and female vocals overlay in such a natural and physical way.

Gingko ARCHs: The most versatile isolation platforms available.

Salk Song3 Encore ($5,895/pr). Black Ice Audio’s new Fusion F 159 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp with Foz XTR Crosstalk Reduction Circuit. ($1,499). Black Ice Fusion F35P Vacuum tube stereo power amp (2x60w) ($1,999). Fusion DAC DSD ($799). Fusion DAC Transport Dual Mono ($2,299). VPI Scout turntable, ClearAudio Ovation Turntable, and Morrow Audio cabling.

Put these iQSE your server, in your breaker box, wrap them around your outlet plugs…everything will sound better.

Moving into the consumer space, these PMC twenty5 23s were neutral, smooth, and revealing. There’s a “rightness” to its approach. Great sounding setup.

Dynaudio Music 7 – BIG SOUND. 300-watts, 2 x 5-inch woofers, 2 x 3-inch mids, and 2 x 1-inch soft-dome tweeters. ($1,250)

Avantgarde Acoustic Trio Classico ($51,000/pair) & Basshorn ($39,000/pair)- Humongous holographic sound from this setup. Transparent, articulate, dynamic, and convincing. Large ensemble music sound heavenly on this system.

Avantgarde Zero 1 XD loudspeakers ($22,000)

Avantgarde UNO XD ($27,000) – Elegant sound.

Magico’s new “affordable” A3 ($9,800) – Warmer than expected (which is nice) and wonderful imaging. Nice balance of body and resolution.

Room 1627: GTT Audio. YG Acoustics & Audionet – A power couple. Fun, full-bodied, and harmonious sound. Some of the most refined and punchiest bass at the show.

Ayon Audio everything & Lumenwhite White Light 25th Anniversary speakers($69,000) – Always sounding great.

The Roots sounded so silky, tight, and palpable on these Piega Master Line Source 2s ($41,500)

Room 1527: Kyomi Audio, MBL, Graham Engineering, Stealth Audio, TechDAS. MBL knows how to party. There’s a unique but recognizable experience every time I hear these speakers. An awe-inspiring sound that envelops you in a musical embrace.

Gingko Audio had the entire line of Denafrips DACs: The Ares ($888), Pontus ($2,220), Venus ($3,850), and flagship Terminator ($5,200). During our blind test, most seem to like the Pontus but agreed it can’t match the resolution and air of the Terminator.

A new company, Penuance Audio, has created a new way to mechanically isolate your components. Where the competition isolates only in the vertical direction, the NP-1s isolate in both the vertical and horizontal directions. Interestingly enough, it uses air compression so you’ll actually use a pump. It was very convincing (and “cute”) demo. One thing I noticed with most isolation products…they usually uplift the sound to create a quieter background at the expense of thinning out the sound. The NP-1 seems to be able to do this while keeping a full-bodied sound with a natural timbre. I’ll have to get some in for review.

Will be getting one of these babies in for review.

Eminent Technology LFT-8 speakers ($2,499)

The Club Lounge area was by far the most extravagant listening area at the show. Who are these lucky peeps? Mr. Speakers, Kimber Kable, Woo Audio, and Wally with his expensive headphones 🙂

Appreciate the beers Mike!

The Club Lounge has their own full bar with a bartender, comfy couches, and a view. I want to stay here all day.

This modified Blue Hawaii SE (Siemens tubes) is probably the best pairing I’ve ever heard with the Mr. Speakers VOCE electrostatic headphone. A nice mixture of clarity and body.

Dynaudio Confidence C4 Platinum ($24,000) – Smooth, lush, relaxed, and dynamic. “Balanced” comes to mind. Doesn’t try to exaggerate any part of the spectrum.

16 Channels of Atmos processing is here…

Merging Technologies doing their thang. Great sound.


Room 714: Wolf Audio Systems, Sadurni Acoustics, Stillpoints, Audience. The Sadurni Acoustics Staccato, 4-way horn loaded speakers ($40,000) were very smooth sounding, especially for horns. Very resolving, transparent, and dynamic. Read more at

Fancy setup by the folks at Woo Audio

Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow Open – I own a pair. Beautiful sound.

The $55,000 Sennheiser HE-1 headphone, graced by Lainie’s noggin.

Room 706: Bob Carver Corp, Audioquest, Music Direct. No room treatments required. The Amazing Line Source ($18,500) has never sounded this good. Accuracy in height and body with an infinite soundscape layered in all directions. It’s almost like a holographic image placed before you. Quite an experience.

Woo Audio 3ES Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier ($8,999)

All Pass everything…


Room #1533: PranaFidelity’s Vayu/fs ($6,950) and Bhava ($4,950) loudspeakers. Kuzman analog and Luxman digital. A very nice sweet sound out of these guys. Kubala-Sosna Elation! and XPander. Romantic comes to mind.

PureAudioProject TRIO10 Voxativ ($6,800) – The third setup with the EXOGAL stack and Shunyata power conditioner. Tonally closer to the Vehement Audio Brezza EOS with a much larger image, more detailed treble, and more meat on the bones. A nice balance between the Ryan and Vehement Audio.

Room 1609: HighEnd by Oz, Acoustic Revive tweaks, Ansuz Acoustics cables, MBL Radialstrahler speakers ($14,680), Vitus Audio electronics, Raidho Acoustics racks.

Playback Designs Merlot DAC ($6,500 for the unblurry version 😉 )

Room 1615: Snake River Audio. Sonist Audio Concerto 4 Gen 2 ($6,895). Sensitivity ~97 dB! Upgraded internal chambering for tighter, cleaner bass.

Room 1615 – Snake River Audio. VAC Sigma 170i iQ Integrated Tube Amplifier ($9,990). Class A tube line preamp and optional photo stage. 85 watts/ch.

Ayon Audio – Great sounding products. Check them out here!

Room 1524: Ginkgo Audio. Vinh and Norman are awesome guys. Check them out.

Triode Corp of Japan TRX-P3M Monoblocks – More Info.

Fuzzy shot of the World Premiere of the Wells Audio COMMANDER tube linestage preamplifier ($3,999). Gorgeous piece of equipment.

Schroader Amplification – Always Rockin’