The SOtM iSO-CAT6 SE ($350+) is not only an Ethernet filter that works, it also provides flexibility when tuning your digital system. I would suspect it helps even in home theater applications. Whether you’re looking to adjust resolution, soundstage, shine, low-end heft, harshness, etc the iSO-CAT6 might just be the easiest and cost-effective remedy. Depending on the cables used, the differences could range from very noticeable to dramatic. When using the same high-quality cable on both ends, I’ve only heard improvements: tightness and control, a larger soundstage, fantastic layering, precise imaging, and better clarity and air across the board. This level of transparency comes at the cost of a thinner sound for some cables but I feel it could be easily tuned with analog cables or USB conditioners (like the Uptone ISO REGEN).

It’s apparent that even with short runs of Ethernet cable, there’s still noise on the wire and you don’t get complete galvanic isolation. Given the filtering performance and newfound tuning ability, I feel the SOtM iSO-CAT6 should be a part of every digital audio system. Any of the Special Edition cables could be purchased individually but the black cable could be selected from the drop-down. I feel the black cable sits at the sweet spot on the price/performance curve. I personally have a black cable + iSO-CAT6 + dCBL-CAT7 at the modem/router and another set with a second dCBL-CAT7 between my Roon server + sMS-200 modified Ethernet switch. Having two black cables flattens out the sound, hence the second dCBL-CAT7 at the switch. I guess the modified switch is another tuning device 😉

If you’re using a streamer, there’s no doubt you’ll elevate your system with this combination. In summary, once you hear what this SOtM iSO-CAT6 isolator could do for your digital music, you won’t be returning it.