My Favorite Combinations


Interestingly enough, I’ve found the iSO-CAT6 does a decent job of blending the strengths of the individual cables with a heavier weight on the input cable (labeled “router”). YMMV and it doesn’t hurt to swap cables around for taste. In no particular order:

  • SE Black Cable -> iSO-CAT6 -> dCBL-CAT7
    • You’ll get the soundstage and realism along with a more forward midrange.
    • My current preference. I have two sets of this specific combination: From modem to router and from router to streamer.
  • dCBL-CAT7 -> iSO-CAT6 -> dCBL-CAT7
    • With an Uptone ISO REGEN in place (to provide some meat on the bones), this combination is quite a treat. It is the most holographic sound I could obtain from any of the permutations. A much more immersive musical experience with unbelievable low-end detail and textures.
  • SE Black Cable -> iSO-CAT6 -> SE Black Cable
    • Some may prefer this to the Supra CAT8 combos. Really hard to complain about this combo as the iSO-CAT6 mitigates the graininess found when using the SE Black cable on its own. Not as spacious or detailed as the combos with the dCBL-CAT7 but I suspect it provides enough musicality for most palates.
  • Supra CAT8 -> iSO-CAT6 -> SE Black Cable
    • Amazingly musical combination. The Supra helps smooth out the grain from the black cable.
  • Supra CAT8 -> iSO-CAT6 -> Supra CAT8

    • This combination will provide a more natural and accurate tone and timbre. Without the iSO in place, the Supra CAT8 on its own sounds a bit too excited and lean. Sounds much more coherent and cleaner.
  • Supra CAT8 -> iSO-CAT6 -> dCBL-CAT6
    • You get all the benefits of the dCBL-CAT6 with an applied smoothness and richness.
  • dCBL-CAT7 -> iSO-CAT6 -> Purist Audio Design CAT7
    • Smooth, detailed, and musical.

The permutations are endless. I’ll update this page as I find more combinations but feel free to “sonically season” and experiment for yourself.