Meze Headphones is a premium headphone company founded in 2009, based in Baia Mare, Romania. Meze is designing and developing its products in house, with a focus on good sound, iconic design, and quality build and materials.

I’m a huge fan of their Meze 99 Classics and look forward to their new offering in ear-bud form. They even come with an extra pair of Comply tips!


From their recent press release:

Meze Headphones is proud to announce that the new line of earbuds, the Meze 11 Neo, is now available for preorders.


Coming in two color variations, Gun Metal and Iridium, the Meze 11 Neo earbuds are designed for the user: to elegantly stand out from the crowd. Besides the looks, the 11 Neo line’s ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle and comfortable to wear.


You will not experience an intruding feeling while enjoying your music.


Sturdily built, the aluminum housings hold the titanium coated dynamic neodymium drivers that deliver the crisp and fun Meze sound signature. The earbuds are compatible with all audio playing devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows, making the 11 Neo a practical and go everywhere gadget.


The complete package of the Meze

11 Neo will include the following:

• 1 (one) pair of Meze 11 Neo

• Hard EVA carrying pouch

• Spare silicone eartips, 4 (four) sizes

• Set of Comply(TM) foam tips

They are priced at $49. You could place an order today!

Looks like they also have a Meze 12 Classics with walnut wood. This has got to be the most beautiful earphone out there.


I sense wonderful things to come. I can’t provide you with a review yet but I could provide you with some eye candy in the meantime.

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