ALO Audio isn’t a stranger to anyone. I’ve heard their portable Continental amp last year and thought they sounded and looked great. It would definitely be quite a conversation starter at your local Starbucks.

I was just stopping by The Source AV and they were just setting up a few Campfire Audio IEM demos. I had a few hours with the Campfire Audio Vega and I must say, these IEMs have a very unique signature. After having listened to so much gear over the years, it’s still nice to experience new offerings.

I had a Mojo, Chord Hugo, and AK320 for my session. Most of my listening were with DSD64 files. You’ll have to excuse the poor photos, I only had my Samsung phone with me. Each bud gets its own pouch!

Build & Comfort

I think plenty has been said about its build quality and technology so I’ll keep it short. 

The weight and feel of these earbuds were of top-quality. Probably the most well-built IEMs I’ve ever held in my fingertips.

With the stock foam tips, I found them very comfortable. The MMCX connector caused me to have to look for the right/left channels while putting them on but after they’re fitted, it offered a bit of flexibility with head movement.

Let’s get straight to the sound shall we?

Sound Quality

I had my JH Audio Angie customs with me for comparison. After going through a few genres of music and swapping back and forth, these were my holistic impressions of the Campfire Audio Vega:

  • Ample amount of bass. It hits hard.
  • Does have more of a v-shaped sound but sounds quite neutral at times.
  • Provides great clarity and resolution
  • Very smooth and musical
  • A warmer tone overall without sacrificing a very natural timbre across all genres.
  • Not a lot of treble energy

vs. JH Audio Angie

  • The Angie had more energy, especially in the treble. Not surprising considering it uses all BA drivers and the Vega being dynamic.
  • The Vega is more laid-back and romantic sounding than the Angie. Angie is more factual and refined.
  • Very different signatures so it really comes down to preference. The Vega is more laid-back while the Angie is more spirited.
  • Vega trumps the Angie on bass and has a sweeter midrange.


I really have to thank The Source AV for setting this personal audio section which allows for easy comparisons with other headphones/amps along with your own. While I was there two guys brought in their headphones, compared to others, and left with new gear. One customer coincidentally left with the Vega. I don’t know of any other place I could do this without being pressured into buying something. Great guys.

During comparisons with the Angie, I would typically switch back and forth between IEMs while listening objectively.  The Vega has a sound that makes you forget about listening for particular characteristics of an earbud but just enjoying the music. I found myself listening to full tracks rather than switching every few seconds. That’s always a good thing. I’ll definitely have to give the other IEMs in Campfire Audio’s line a listen as I’ve heard great things about them, especially the Andromeda. I’m also sure cable and tip swapping will allow a certain amount of tonal adjustment to ones preferences. This is only possible because the Campfire Audio Vega is a very resolving and well-engineered IEM. I can’t wait to check out Campfire Audio’s other offerings.