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SOtM sMS-200 Network Audio Adapter & mBPS-d2s Battery Module Review

Introduction The SOtM sMS-200 has been the talk of the town in recent months…and for good reason. A lot has already been written on its functionality and features set so this review is primarily focused on the sonic qualities of this device. First allow me to get a few setup formalities out of the way….

The Sonore Sonicorbiter SE – An Affordable Roon Ready Endpoint

The Sonicorbiter is a music renderer that is capable of converting your desktop and portable USB DACs into a network-enabled device. It is basically a Cubox-i with custom software that is licensed by Roon. With many Roon endpoints starting at $3,000, the $300 RoonReady Sonicorbiter is difficult to ignore. It’s also compatible with a number…