The sMS-200 Neo and sMS-200ultra Neo

These updated versions of their award-winning sMS-200 and sMS-200ultra have a different sonic character:

  • The Neo has a deeper midrange and better bass presence when compared to the original.
  • The original version has a little more dynamics and presents brighter sound compared to Neo version.
  • With such changes, the overall balance of the Neo is richer and brings more musical inspiration.


Pricing and Availability

The price is the same as the standard version.

If you would like to upgrade your current standard version to Neo version:

  • Keep original front panel: $30 USD
  • Change the front panel to the Neo: $80 USD

The components inside of the original version have been updated with the new Neo design. The standard version will be discontinued and Neo version is going to be available starting the first week of August.

Pre-orders are now available.

About SOtM

SOtM is a very special brand which can deliver the Soul Of the Music through the cutting edge audio technology. SOtM will become the most important partner in your music life.