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The New Flagship: Lumin X1 – Fresh Output Stage, PSU, and Optical Networking

The new Lumin X1 is the new flagship offers improvements in dynamics, imaging, and tonal quality. Roon Ready Network Player Dual ES9038Pro DSD512 Femto Clock New output stage New power supply Optical network (in addition to copper Ethernet network) XLR, RCA, BNC-SPDIF, USB audio output (*) Lumin (solid aluminum chassis): 350mm (W), 345mm (D), 60mm…

SOtM sMS-200 Network Audio Adapter & mBPS-d2s Battery Module Review

Introduction The SOtM sMS-200 has been the talk of the town in recent months…and for good reason. A lot has already been written on its functionality and features set so this review is primarily focused on the sonic qualities of this device. First allow me to get a few setup formalities out of the way….

The Sonore Sonicorbiter SE – An Affordable Roon Ready Endpoint

The Sonicorbiter is a music renderer that is capable of converting your desktop and portable USB DACs into a network-enabled device. It is basically a Cubox-i with custom software that is licensed by Roon. With many Roon endpoints starting at $3,000, the $300 RoonReady Sonicorbiter is difficult to ignore. It’s also compatible with a number…