Treehaus often avoids calling a product “The Best.” The world of audio is far too subjective to ever use  such a term seriously. That said, the A/Machines are confidently one of the top five 300B Single-Ended  Triode (SET) amplifiers ever produced. It is the culmination of over a decade of research, development,  and testing of a myriad of amplifier designs and components. Yes, the origins predate the formation of  Treehaus Audiolab itself.  

Engineered and built by legend Radu Tarta, the foundation of the A/Machines is similar to our existing  excellent 300B amplifier inspired by Susumu Sakuma. A 10Y/801A drives the famed Western Electric  300B though a Finemet-Core interstage transformer made for Treehaus Audiolab in Japan. The output  transformer, also with a Finemet-Core, utilizes a non-traditional impedance loading which eliminates  the typical darker, syrupy sound of most 300B designs. Coleman filament regulators on separate  dedicated DC supplies provide ultra-clean heater current to the directly-heated tubes.  

The A/Machines depart from this design by using 4 enclosures rather than 2. Each channel is two units:  one amplification section and one power supply section. The ultimate layout for noise and channel  separation. To keep it simple, we simply doubled the total tube-rectified power supply capacity  compared to the existing design. Gratuitously, we utilized Finemet-Core chokes and massive G.O.S.S.  Core power transformers. MIL-spec Amphenol umbilical cords and Cardas binding posts connect  power and signal. Nothing was held back. 

The result is everything loved about our 300B amplifier, just more of it. More energy, more detail, more  clarity, more nuance, more refinement, and still with plenty of SET magic. Six entire watts of it. 

The A/Machines also debut a new visual design language offered by Treehaus Audiolab, inspired by  early Klangfilm and Western Electric amplifiers. The A/Machines utilize large Simpson analog gauges,  heavy 6mm aluminum plinths, crinkle powdercoat enclosures, and brass details throughout. A  matching preamplifier, that goes to 11, demonstrates the design language on our existing preamplifier  electronics.  

If AXPONA attendees get a case of the munchies (we are in room 1420 after all), Treehaus Audiolab  “Phantom of Luxury” field-coil loudspeakers will be shown in a new “Elm Cookies” finish, wired with  Iconoclast SPTPC cabling.  

Special Guests include Iconoclast Cable, and SME Limited Precision Turntables and Tonearms.  

About Treehaus Audiolab 

Audio Mania, the pursuit of best sound, is our design ethos. We find inspiration in technology from the  golden ages of audio around the world, and reimagine it for the 21st century listener. Treehaus Audiolab  was founded in 2017 in Connecticut.