Next-generation headphone developed with community  feedback to deliver an even better listen and a stunning new  striped ebony finish. 

Meze Audio is delighted to introduce LIRIC 2nd Generation, a major evolution of its  acclaimed LIRIC closed-back headphones with performance enhancements, a  stunning new striped ebony wood finish and more modularity for easier upgrades and a long life of listening pleasure. 

LIRIC 2nd Generation’s sound profile has been tuned up to offer a compelling blend  of clear, accurate audio performance with a touch of warmth for added depth. A  new QWRM (Quarter Wavelength Resonator Mask – a precision-crafted metal plate  that strategically covers select openings in the driver frame) effectively attenuates high-frequency peaks above 7kHz for a smoother listening experience. 

The LIRIC 2nd Generation design has also been warmed up with the replacement of LIRIC’s leather-clad earcups with ones beautifully dressed in striped ebony. These  combine gorgeous wood grain and a luxury feel with the durability hardwood delivers. 

Developing great headphones means listening to a lot of music, but also listening to our community carefully, too! LIRIC was already an impressive headphone but based on feedback from our customers and reviewers we’ve taken its capabilities to new heights with the new

LIRIC 2nd Generation,” explains Meze Audio’s founder and  lead designer, Antonio Meze. 

LIRIC 2nd Generation features state-of-the-art planar magnetic technology developed by Rinaro, re-engineered for day-to-day use. The Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver was scaled down and tuned to deliver an audio experience in-line with its larger counterparts found in Empyrean and Elite. Combined with the closed-back design, it helps preserve the original clarity and emotion of your favourite music through enhanced sound and minimised external noise. Each driver is entirely hand assembled and tested in Rinaro’s specialist workshops in Ukraine.  

The LIRIC 2nd Generation headphones also follow Meze Audio’s mission for both enhanced sustainability and choice, featuring detachable magnetic earpads that can  be easily repaired and replaced. Further performance and flexibility benefits are offered by the cable choices. LIRIC 2nd Generation now comes with Meze Audio’s premium hand-braided copper cable as standard; a 4.4mm design ideal for portable players and headphone amps, plus a 3m TPE cable for home listening. The LIRIC 2nd Generation’s modular design allows for easy cable upgrades and replacements as desired. 

Pricing, availability, and further information 

LIRIC 2nd Generation will be available starting March 7th, on, and in selected retailers worldwide, with a suggested retail price of $2000/€2000/£1850.  

About Meze Audio 

Meze Audio is a high-end audio brand founded in 2011 and renowned for its  exquisite craftsmanship and commitment to sonic excellence. Blending timeless aesthetics with cutting-edge technology, Meze Audio crafts premium headphones and earphones that redefine the listening experience. Each meticulously engineered  product reflects a passion for art, comfort, and superior sound, bringing musical emotion to audio enthusiasts everywhere. Winner of multiple audiophile industry awards, Meze’s current product range also includes: 99 series headphones (99 Classics, 99 NEO), 109 PRO and the two open-back Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphones, Empyrean II and Elite. 

Tech Specs

Driver Type Rinaro Isodynamic Hybrid Array® 
Enclosure Closed-back 
Ear Coupling Circumaural 
Frequency Response 4-92,000 Hz 
Impedance 61 Ω 
Sensitivity 100 dB SPL @ 1 kHz, 1 mW 
Maximum SPL > 130 dB 
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <0.15% 
Weight 427 g