Børresen is proud to launch the Børresen X1 stand-mounted loudspeaker. This two-way loudspeaker is the smallest model in the X-series. The X1 marks the entry into the Børresen loudspeaker universe and is a testament to chief designer Michael Børresen’s belief that “everyone deserves this kind of emotional musical moments”. 

The X1, with its compact design makes no compromise on quality and outstanding musicality. Tailored for lovers of exceptionally designed stand-mounted speakers, the Børresen X1 is the latest addition to the award-winning X series, renowned for its exceptional sound reproduction and striking aesthetics. With its sleek, compact profile, the X1 promises an unparalleled sound experience while blending seamlessly into any home environment. 

The Børresen X1 continues the legacy of the X Series and features the same remarkable technologies that characterize all the X series speakers, embodying the brand’s philosophy of precision engineering and audio innovation.

At the heart of the Børresen X1 is a blend of cutting-edge technologies, adopted from the highly acclaimed M, O and Z loudspeaker series, and carefully integrated into the new X1 speakers to deliver an authentic and absolute natural musical experience. The speaker’s compact size belies its exceptional performance, as it houses the exclusive Børresen X-Series ribbon tweeter and a 4.5-inch Børresen X-Series speaker driver for a rich, detailed, and dynamic soundstage.

The stand of the X1 speaker is designed with a clear aesthetic reference to design elements from Børresen’s sister company Aavik. The X1 speaker is meticulously designed with a stand and foot made of a natural-based composite material, to ensure resonance control that stays uncompromisingly true to Børresen’s design principles. 

 The X1 is a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio excellence. We’ve engineered a compact loudspeaker that doesn’t compromise on delivering an immersive and emotional musical experience,” says Michael Børresen.

In line with Børresen’s commitment to providing a refined sound experience, the X1 embodies a combination of craftsmanship, artistic style, and innovation, offering music lovers that prefer stand-mounted loudspeakers a gateway into the unrivaled sound universe of Børresen loudspeakers.

Like all speakers in the X series, the new X1 is available in black or white piano lacquer. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to audition the new Børresen X1 loudspeakers. Immerse yourself in a Børresen sound experience of high-end music with amazing dynamics, natural lightness, and emotional passion.

X1 speaker: USD: $5.500 / EURO: €5.000
X1 stand: USD: $1.100 / EURO: €1.000