German Manufacturer LYRIC at the RMAF / Finest tube electronics

A new dimension of musical enjoyment

The German manufacturer LYRIC will premiere at this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest from October 5th to October 7th in Denver, Colorado. Hailing from Schluechtern, in the heart of Germany, Lyric is the culmination of more than 20 years of design and engineering expertise. Sleek style and high quality components ensure reference performance from these exquisite products, which have won numerous national and international awards.

LYRIC has become the epitome of finest tube electronics, not only in Germany, but also throughout the world. For the first time LYRIC will present its outstanding series of amplifiers at the RMAF. All amps are meticulously crafted in Germany. Using old school point to point connections soldered by hand and incorporating the finest quality parts, LYRIC is producing something truly special.

Handmade in Germany for a fantastic listening experience

The LYRIC Ti 100 Mk II (from 7.800 US$) is a single-ended pure class A amplifier. Its purist circuit concept, in combination with a powerful power supply, creates a high stability and an excellent external voltage. It is suitable for medium to highly efficient loudspeakers and has enough power and control to drive impedance-critical speakers.

The LYRIC Ti 140 Mk II (from 9.000 US$) is a powerful and flexible integrated Class-AB amplifier of the top class. The Ti 140 Mk II is a power pack, which easily drives low efficient speakers effortlessly.

The new LYRIC Ti 200 (from 14.700 US$) is a non-compromise parallel single ended pure class-A amplifier. The advanced channel-separated power supply has been designed with superfast rectifier diodes, a filter chain consisting of capacitors and strong inductor coils to drive impedance-critical speakers with ease.

All LYRIC integrated amplifiers offer a great flexibility in the tube selection. They can be optionally equipped with EL34, KT88, KT120 or KT150.

A must-have for vinyl lovers

The LYRIC PS 10, an all-tube phono-preamplifier (from 3.000 US$) with an external power supply for outstanding S/N ratio. It offers vinyl lovers a flexible interface for both MM and MC phono cartridges and the opportunity to enjoy their favorite music in superior sound quality, lively and with a fantastic range of colors.

New. LYRIC goldfire series: Analog, AC and speaker cables

With the release of the brand-new goldfire series audio cables LYRIC responds to the need for perfectly matching connection cables of highest quality for the LYRIC line of tube electronics. The goldfire series include high-class speaker cables, premium power cables, and analog cables to reveal the outstanding merits of the LYRIC components.

Come and visit us at RMAF!

LYRIC CEO and senior engineer Stefan Noll himself will present the line of amplifiers and perfectly matching connection cables with the speaker system Voxativ Zeth B in Showroom 5004 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, 4900 S. Syracuse St. He will give further information about the LYRIC products and will be available for your questions.