Clarus®, high-end audio cable brand and sister company to Tributaries A/V cables, introduces the Duet, specifically designed for the demands of Monoblock amplifiers from its first-ever line of AC Power Conditioners. The new line brings an entirely new approach to the implementation of filtering systems designed primarily for two-channel audio systems. 

The Clarus Approach to Power Conditioning

The Clarus approach represents a radical new way of designing an application-specific filtered AC energy delivery system. It is widely accepted that filtering the AC line keeps noise from contaminating the audio signal. It is also common knowledge that some filter designs will choke input current thus limiting peak performance of power amplifiers. Through extensive listening sessions, Clarus has determined that some filter designs used for conditioning analog components while measurably removing noise from the AC supply audibly degrade the component’s musical signal output and restrict the sound from blooming. 

Meet Duet

The Duet’s high-performance hospital-grade outlets are engineered with advanced materials to ensure electrical contact reliability over time. 2 outlets labeled: HIGH CURRENT incorporates a massive 30A C-Core filter to deliver full power without restricting dynamics to high current equipment like monoblock amplifiers.

C-Core Technology

The Clarus line of power conditioners is made with proprietary C-Core Technology, which is used in all Analog and High Current filters. C-Core’s high permeability and core loss are hardly affected by mechanical stress due to near-zero magnetostriction – a property of ferromagnetic materials that causes them to change their shape or dimensions during the process of magnetization. Furthermore, its low magnetostriction significantly reduces audible noise emission when the voltage and current applied to the core are in the audible frequency range. No other core keeps your AC signal silent and clean.


The Duet protects from surges with a highly sophisticated Thermal Metal Oxide Varistors (TMOV). If the surge suppression circuit is compromised the front panel Protection Fault LED will illuminate and the unit will shut down for safety. 

Top Panel Safety LED Lights

Ground and Polarity LEDs when lit indicate that the power cord and outlet to which the Duet is connected is in phase and properly grounded.

As with all Clarus products, these entirely new designs are evaluated with test instruments, but final decisions are made only after they are subjected to extensive listening tests and comparisons with reference designs, keeping firmly in mind the sound of live music. 

The Duet will be available November 15th, 2019 in black for $1,250 US Suggested Retail Pricing. Images can be downloaded here


Tributaries is a family-owned American company known as a leading provider of high-performance and high-quality Audio/Video, Digital Interconnect and Speaker Cables and AC Power products for the residential market. Tributaries has a dedicated dealer/distributor network in the USA and worldwide. Advanced design technologies and proven engineering principles are employed in all Tributaries product designs and cable constructions.


Clarus products are engineered to provide the ultimate listening experience for discriminating audiophiles. Leveraging the talents of celebrated cable designer Jay Victor, the Clarus Collection features an array of Power Conditioners, Analog and Digital Interconnects, Speaker and Power cabling. Power Conditioners are made to spec in Thailand, all other Clarus products are custom-crafted and hand-made in Orlando, Florida, USA.