Listening Tests



  • Source
    • Chord Electronics DAVE
    • Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler
  • Ampflication
    • Chord Electronics TToby
    • Emerald Physics 100.2 SE V2
  • Speakers
    • ATC SCM7 V3 loudspeakers
    • JL Audio F110 V2 subwoofer

Iconoclast 4×4 “Gen 2” XLR Cables

ETPCA very open, insightful, and spacious sound. The top-end has wonderful vibrancy and sparkle. It’s a leaner but airier sound.

Many will enjoy the resolution, blacker background, and spatial clarity of this cable. It “breathes out” more over the other cables in the lineup.
OFEImmediately fuller and tonally denser than the ETPC. It’s slightly warmer but much meatier. It has a smoothness and coherence that isn’t as obvious with the ETPC.

The treble is tame and doesn’t ring out as vividly as both the ETPC or UPOCC. I do feel the tonal accuracy to be better than the ETPC – but many will prefer the soundstage and sweeter highs of the ETPC.
UPOCCThis cable is in a league of its own. It’s not simply a combination of the ETPC or OFE. Not even close. It has the most accurate and natural timbre of any XLR cable I’ve heard so far.

It delineates, soundstages, shines and provides tonal variations to dream of. The other two cables sound a bit “grayscale” in comparison. At more than double the price of the other variants – I would still save my pennies for this one.

Iconoclast 1×4 “Gen 2” RCA Cables

ETPCThe ETPC is very similar to the sound of the XLR variant – perhaps at a lesser degree of brilliance. Obviously, this could also be due to the output stage of the DAVE. It has a bit more body but it takes over a more crystalline sound.

For example, Snoop Dogg sounds a little “tonally clean” for my tastes but cymbals and cellos sound fantastic. The soundstage off Lady of Spain – Ray Conniff was large and immersive.
OFETransients are better defined with the ETPC – but the OFE has much better tangibility. The ETPC sounds a bit elevated in comparison.

The OFE imparts more gravitas and weight to the sound. More meat on the bones. It’s definitely not as detailed or spatial as the ETPC but Snoop Dogg now has the proper aggression. It just molds the sound better but doesn’t quite have the lifelike details of the ETPC.
UPOCCI think this copper should be used for all analog cables. It’s undoubtedly the most natural sounding conductor out of the bunch. It has the right color, energy, and body. And it doesn’t seem to sacrifice much at all.

There’s clarity, soundstage, bass definition, and perfect timbre. All performers sound more healthy and alive. The aural gradations in organs, violins, and Kodo drums are in plain view. It just sounds like the UPOCC paints with a more colorful palette.

Iconoclast Speaker Cables

The SPTPC is quieter and outlines better than the OFE. It’s not sharp or edgy at all. It’s just a cleaner and clearer sound. It also has more depth than the OFE.

The SPTPC lighter, faster, and creates a larger atmosphere. Imaging and focus are also very precise.
OFEThis cable has more tonal variations over the SPTPC. It has a warmer more organic color – which to my ears, sounds more convincing. In fact, it’s one of the more natural sounding speaker cables I’ve ever heard.

It layers and isolates instruments very well. It’s a clear – but not overly clean sound. In short, it just sounds unimpeded in dynamics and clarity. It sounds great with all genres of music. The OFE is my personal preference.