Crux Audio has announced today that, for a limited time, there is a new option for those who already own a SOtM sMS-200 and are considering an upgrade to a sMS-200ultra. The ultra sports the game-changing super clock, the same one in the SOtM tX-USBultra I reviewed.

  • This upgrade includes free shipping to and from Korea, and a free master clock connector for a very low introductory price of $990 USD. Additional features are also available, and are listed on the website.
  • The first 10 orders on will receive an additional 10% discount. Use the code UPGRADE10 at checkout to take full advantage of the offer.

This introductory offer will expire on July 7, 2017.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Kamal at Crux Audio at

About the sMS-200ultra

  • The sMS-200ultra is an upgraded network player equipped with a dedicated media player board and a high performance audio clock, born from SOtM's years of experience.
  • Improving upon the great reviews and user feedback on the sMS-200, the sMS-200ultra has been designed to include the sCLK-EX clock — the heart of this superior digital audio equipment.
  • This new combination brings dramatic sound improvement. If you’ve been enjoying the great performance of the sMS-200, the addition of the sCLK-EX will enhance your experience beyond the usual sound limitations of traditional small source devices.
  • Use the master clock connector option to sync the sMS-200ultra with an external master clock device such as a Rubidium clock. This feature has the potential to redefine your perception of sound from small network players. 
  • The sMS-200ultra is a digital technology device but, because it is based on SOtM’s deep understanding of analog technology, it can be defined as one of the few high-performance digital audio devices that performs superior analog sound.
  • With cutting edge technology providing the newly adapted heart to the sMS-200, the sMS-200ultra is born. Impress yourself with truly beautiful music.