This is quick review of the PS Audio P10. I’ve compared the P10 to the PS Audio Dectet and a cheapo Belkin surge protector. My goal is to determine what the audible gains are from using a power regenerator/conditioner like the PS Audio P10.

My apartment was built in 1913 and the electrical wiring is quite old. I think the output from the wall fluctuates between 119V to 125V. When I first heard about the importance of clean power in the audio chain, I dismissed it as another gimmick. That is no longer the case. It not only had a significant impact on the sound quality, it was probably the most important part of the audio chain. Our systems are only as great as their weakest link and I believe power is that link for most. There was no way to maximize the potential of your equipment without clean power. Period.

For my tests I used the “High Regulation” mode and MW strength of 5.

Lets get straight to it.

Going from a cheap Belkin surge protector to a PS Audio Dectet

This comparison gave me tiny glimpse at what was possible with cleaner power. It removed some of the grain and refined the sound quite a bit. I gained a bit more depth and body in the music I was listening to. I also gained a bit more clarity and separation. The difference was enough for me to take out my wallet.

What does the P10 do over the Dectet?

Long story short, it refined my sound about 10-fold over the Dectet. The P10 made the Dectet sound flat, dull, and hazy. It was incredible. It was as if I had a different DAC.

Here were some of the notes I wrote down during my evaluation:

  • Holographic and pristine
  • You start to hear the “truth” in the music.
  • I didn’t realize there was noise/distortion until plugging in the P10
  • The amount of clarity I gained over the Dectet was enormous. It made the Dectet sound grainy.
  • Much tighter bass
  • Vocals are more natural and highly detailed. You could hear how a performer carries their voice.
  • A ton more depth and width in the soundstage but in a realistic way
  • Music was much more engaging and musical
  • More weight and body across the entire spectrum
  • More micro-details, nuances, and textures
  • Much better extension both ways. Dynamic.
  • The separation is a day & night difference versus the Dectet
  • Much lower noise floor and higher resolution


In conclusion, the PS Audio P10 was worth every penny. It made most of my listening more emotive and hypnotic. Once I start listening, it’s difficult to hit pause. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on so much of the mix all these years. This device will pay dividends down the line as you upgrade your equipment. Obviously, if your home already has clean power, it might actually do nothing for you. In my case, it was beyond a night and day difference and I appreciate the innovation and efforts made by PS Audio to bring this wonderful Power Plant into market.