Treehaus Audiolab introduces new “Texture Black Metallic” finish at the Florida  International Audio Expo 2024 with Geshelli Labs 

February 10, 2024 

Treehaus Audiolab will make its debut appearance at FLAX, supplying speakers to  Geshelli Labs for a special listening room. Audiophiles can experience Treehaus  Audiolab speakers on superb solid-state equipment in Florida for the first time.  

A new finish debuts on the “National Treasure” live-edge wood field coil speakers at  FLAX. Given the art-school roots of Treehaus, it should be no surprise that late  nights, then and now, often consist of a heavy diet of Shoegaze. Rob Dickinson, of  Catherine Wheel and of Singer Vehicle Design, has provided not only the  soundtrack, but also the inspiration, for how analog objects of the past can be  reimagined for the future. As a loving tribute, this latest finish is called “Texture  Black Metallic.” A high pigment load deep black base is applied over a grain-rich  live edge plinth, then top coated with a hand-rubbed oil finish containing a fine  silver metallic mica. The grain subtlety captures this silver, providing visual depth  and making this black anything but ordinary.  

About Treehaus Audiolab 

Audio Mania, the pursuit of best sound, is our design ethos. We find inspiration in  technology from the golden ages of audio around the world, and reimagine it for the  21st century listener. Treehaus Audiolab was founded in 2017 in Connecticut.